Redskins finally release DeAngelo Hall

This was the most no-brainy thing in the history of no-brainers. OK, that might be overdoing it. DeAngelo Hall was a bad starting CB with an occasional great game. Frankly, in my opinion, they should have cut him last offseason. This will save the Skins $8 million in cap space. It would have saved them $6.5 million if they cut him last year. Again… obvious call.

I’ve picked on him here often enough, and since I don’t really have much to add, I’m just going to quietly turn the page on the DeAngelo Hall era in the NFC East.


    1. Imp says:

      I’m in total agreement with this.

  1. Frongolina McAlister says:

    Cowboys restructured a few contracts and cut Dan Connor… Wonder how the restructuring will affect them in the next couple years

    1. DerfDiggy says:

      The sky will fall and all the media will say they’re doomed…they’ll cut a few players, restructure a few players, and will go on about their way.

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