Random notes around the NFCE: Looking at David Baas’ and DeAngelo Hall’s contracts, and NFLN debates the existence alien life

• Tommy and I recorded a show last night. We looked at the potential defensive players the Eagles could target in free agency. We did the offensive players a couple days ago. If these two podcasts aren’t the best thing you’ve ever heard in your lives, I’ll grant free refunds for everybody. Tommy also played GM on his site, detailing his Eagles offseason plan.

• David Baas restructure his deal. Jenny Vrentas of the Start Ledger has those details here. The Giants will save a couple mil this season in cap space and lush a million each to 2014 an 2015. Note his new cap numbers in 2014 and 2015. Yikes:

David Baas cap

• The Giants got Corey Webster to take a pay cut. Good job by the Giants there.

• There are reports that the Redskins could cut DeAngelo Hall. Should they? Um… Yes, they should. From the Redskins page at OverTheCap.com:

DeAngelo Hall

Savings of $8 million and no penalty whatsoever? Yes, please. That is of course unless DeAngelo is willing to take a pure pay cut, as in… slashing to pay to something like $3-4 million, non-guaranteed. Otherwise, there are plenty of CBs available in free agency that are better, and will come a hell of a lot more cheaply than $8 mil. Frankly, it was somewhat of a no-brainer for the Skins to cut Hall last year, but obviously, they didn’t:

Deangelo Hall 2

• The draft prospect visits are beginning already. The Eagles are reportedly meeting with Arizona QB Matt Scott on Monday.

• I had an interesting debate on Twitter with some of my Giants friends. Let’s assume the Giants tender restricted free agent Victor Cruz at a 1st round tender. The Niners try to sign him away, meaning that the Giants would receive the Niners’ first round pick (31st overall) if they choose not to match the Niners’ contract offer. What would you rather have? Victor Cruz at a high price tag, or the 31st overall pick?

• Legal tampering begins at midnight tonight. Jason at BGN has the deets on that. I’ll be asleep at midnight tonight.

• I’ve been beating up on the Cowboys quite a bit lately. I’ll give them the day off, ha.

• Ladies and gentlemen… NFL Network!



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  1. OlSkool1972 says:

    Deangelo Hall basically has 1-2 great games in a season and is below average the rest of it. Skins coaches and players like him despite his penalties and shooting his mouth off. Skins fans have wanted him gone for years.

  2. ct17 says:

    Baas was overpaid before we restructured him twice. Reese blew that one, look at what Goodwin signed for in SF.

    Jimmy, in keeping with the thread where you made the bet, I think you should write 500 words on the glorious Mike Jenkins, the best press man CB in the NFL.

    1. Bob says:

      Pay your debts!

    2. Commented over there.

      1. nyg_slater says:

        Jimmy think of this as another opportunity to bash the cowboys. You can do it! PPF had an interesting article detailing why spencer’s sacks were a “fluke”. Furthermore, franchising him TWICE! Way to bungle up the cap situation.

        1. nyg_slater says:


          1. David_Does_Dallas says:

            There is more to the SOLB position then sacks. Being arguably the best run-stopping OLB in the game helps, leading the team with 95 tackles and eight TFL, with double digit sacks to boot. Doing this all in 14 games and being the team’s signal caller after Lee and Carter went down, I think he earned the money, besides it is only a one year commitment and there is a possibility the Cowboys trade him anyways. If you think Spencer wasn’t worth the money then you simply didn’t watch him play, a lot of his sacks came in very clutch moments that helped the Cowboys seal games, or put them in an opportunity to.

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