Poll: What would you rather have? Victor Cruz at a high salary, or the Niners’ 31st overall pick?

Let’s assume the Giants tender restricted free agent Victor Cruz at the 1st round level, as expected. If some other team around the league wanted to sign Cruz, they would have to forfeit their first round pick to the Giants, if the Giants chose not to match the offer.

Yesterday, Geoff Mosher of CSN Philly tweeted a scenario in which it might make sense for the Rams, with 2 first round picks, to make a run at Cruz:

Mosher Cruz

We’ll use Geoff’s initial thought, but let’s apply it to the 49ers instead. The 49ers already have 12 picks, will likely have 15 after comp picks are awarded later this month, and could use a bigtime playmaker like Cruz. Plus, their first round pick is way back at 31, which would be far less difficult to part with than something a little earlier in the draft.

What would you rather have? Victor Cruz at a high salary, or the 31st overall pick in the draft?


  1. Brian says:

    High salary (and thus low value added per $) vs. risk of bust is really what it boils down to.

    Which means it all depends on your situation. If I’m the 9ers, I do that. If I’m the Giants, I’m probably indifferent.

  2. Patrick H says:

    Well Cruz blows, so the 31st pick is a no brainer.

  3. Joe D says:

    The Giants whole team at this point is Eli, Nicks, JPP and Cruz… I would love to see the Rams alleviate Cruz from the Giants!

  4. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

    The girl in the T-shirt ad on the sidebar has some nice cans.
    You’re already there!

  5. ct17 says:

    I have to add the Chiefs got raped by Bowe. He got a much bigger signing bonus than VJax. If that was Cruz’s price, I’d trade him in an instant.

  6. ct17 says:

    If the goddamn coaching staff would let Jernigan play I’d have a much clearer thought on this matter.

    This has been brought up at BBV a few times, and the idea that I think is the most important is where the ceiling is on Randle. If the Giants know they have two really good WRs, then I’d make the trade. Losing Cruz would give us the money to re-sign every key free agent the next few years, including maybe Bennett.

    And at 31 I’d look at Trufant, Short, Greene, or Warford. Use a mid round pick on Connor Vernon.

    1. nyg_slater says:

      what about using the pick on tavon austin, assuming he’s sitting there.

      Kills two birds with one stone. Cheaper and a replacement for cruz.

      Although, I question gilbrides ability to use a weapon like austin effectively.

      1. ct17 says:

        I like Austin, but don’t see us targeting him.

      2. ct17 says:

        If the decision is to let Cruz go, it will be based on who we already have.

  7. Andersj says:

    If in the giants I take the pick because they got nicks and jpp to extend. If I’m the rams or niners I take cruz

  8. nyg_slater says:

    Ill expand a bit more on my original though when you RT’d that:

    Cruz’s overall value to the giants is greater than a 1st round pick (especially a 31st, possibly even a rams pick) That isn’t really up for debate.

    However, once you pay for that value with a new contract, Cruz’s surplus value (value – cost) plummets. He’d still bring more value overall, but it may not be an economically smart franchise building decision. Value per cap dollar is the key idea here. Cruz provides a ton of it at 2 million dollars a year, but significantly less, if any, at 7-9 million a year.

    Now, compare cruz’s surplus value (on a new contract) versus a rookie on a 5 year rookie contract. Assuming they don’t bust on the pick, it’s likely better for the giants to take the rookie. Also, considering the giants have done pretty well on 1st round draft picks, you could argue the odds of that pick providing greater value relative to his contract obligations are pretty high.

    Now consider in replacement cost. How much would it cost to adequately replace Cruz’s production as a slot receiver. This is unknown, but you could argue the giants have gotten great production out of slot receivers for a low overall cost in the past. Toomer, Hixon, Steve smith, victor cruz, they all played slot reciever (at times) for the Giants, and played the position well, without commanding top dollar. Can they find another one player like this, is he already on the roster? We don’t have the answers to that question, but the giants should.

    Lastly, how much value do you get in keeping cap flexibility? JPP could get a 9 figure deal. Hakeem needs to be paid, Linval etc… The giants have a lot of large contract down the pipeline besides cruz.

    If it becomes clear its unlikely you can keep all these guys, getting some sort of value in exchange for losing one of them becomes paramount. If it ends up that guy is cruz, so be it.

  9. immynimmy says:

    Maybe it’s because I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night in addition to being at work since 6am, but this comment made me laugh my ass off.

  10. Mandmeisterx says:

    I like that move if I’m either team. Is the poll assuming we’re the Giants?

    1. Yes… As in… If you’re a fan of another team, which would you prefer if you were a Giants fan?

  11. I think I’d rather have Cruz at the high salary as a fan because he’s exciting to watch and I don’t have to actually directly deal with any of the ramifications of the cap and what I’m invested in is the entertainment of the current product, but I think it would make more sense for Jerry Reese and the New York Giants to take the first round pick.

    With Cruz gone extending Nicks and JPP becomes a little easier, and as a bonus the Giants would gain the 3 million dollars in cap space they would tender Cruz which could lead to KP and/or Bennett coming back or a quality RT in free agency.

    1. they would gain the 3 million dollars in cap space immediately*

  12. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

    You should have a porn section on this site and call it “Blogging the BReast”.

    1. I’ll take that suggestion under advisement.

      1. nyg_slater says:

        I’m sure it’ll increase traffic pretty significantly. We could have polls/debates etc…

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