Film Breakdown: A look at Eric Winston, and how he might fit in with the Eagles

Last night, Andy Reid’s Kansas City Chiefs released right tackle Eric Winston, and the Eagles were one of the first two teams to lob in a call to Winston’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus,¬†according to a report from the Daily News’ Les Bowen. The Chiefs will save a reported $6.5 million in salary cap space by cutting Winston. This is the second year in a row that Winston is a cap casuality. After the 2011 season, Winston’s former team, the Houston Texans, cut him to clear his $5.5 million salary off the books. While it is fair to be nervous about signing a player that was cut by his team two straight years, it made sense in both cases, even with Winston being a quality player.

Winston would be a good fit in the athletic offensive line that many perceive Chip Kelly wants to build in Philly. The obvious move would be to put Winston at right tackle, and slide Todd Herremans back inside to guard. The Eagles’ OL would look like this:

Eagles OL age

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  1. Jules says:

    It’s unfair to point to Kelce as the only young guy on the line. The Eagles JUST spent a #1 pick on an O-Lineman, right? So if he improves enough to start, the line will look a lot younger.

    Wait, what?

  2. nyg_slater says:

    Surprised you got Jason peters plugged in at LT, instead of a giant “?”. Didnt Roseman say he hopes JP returns”at some point” in 2013. Although I’m glad he didnt pull a shanny and say Peters should be gtg week 1.

    Hypothetically, who are the projected starters if peters misses time early in the year?

    1. Every report says that Peters should be good to go for 2013.

      1. nyg_slater says:

        wow, impressive after two achilles surgeries. I would of thought differently. maybe start on PUP or something.

        1. Well… I think his second rupture happened in May, so we’re talking about about 16 months in between that injury and September 2013. He actually started to work out with the team in a liited capacity near the end of the season last year.

          I don’t think the question will be whether or not he comes back. It will be whether or not he’s the same player.

  3. The Eagles have too many holes to fill and won’t be able to fill them all at once adequately with young up-and-coming players. As such they really need to look at a few of these types of guys to help out for a year or two.

  4. Tracer Bullet says:

    Signing Winston, then drafting an OT at #4 and playing him inside for a year isn’t the worst thing in the world. It’s not like Mathis (or Herremans, for that matter) has been so great he can’t be replaced.

    1. I agree. However, by now, the Eagles probably have a really good idea of who they like in their top 4. So I think that signing Winston would be a decent indicator that they don’t love Joeckel/Fisher/Johnson there.

      1. Tracer Bullet says:

        Not necessarily. It could be an indicator that they don’t love the current roster. Or that Kelly wants options. Without Winston, they MUST spend a high pick on OL because they need someone who can start ASAP. (Unless they think Watk . . . BWAHAHAHAHA) With Winston, they have a lot more flexibility.

        1. Bob says:

          If you want flexibilty, sign a cheap, marginally talented guy. Winston doesn’t increase your flexibility because you go from essentially having to draft an OT high to being all but unable to draft one high.

  5. rage114 says:

    I would not be a fan of this move. As you noted, this year Peters will be 31, Mathis 32, Kelce 28, Herremans 31 and Winston 30.

    And three of those five are coming off of serious season ending surgeries. It would be no surprise if two of those three players are not the same. And three of those players could get old in a hurry.

    Imagine going into 2014 with Peters at 32, Mathis at 33, Kelce at 29, Herremans at 32 and Winston at 31? Imagine having legitimate concerns at 4 of the 5 positions (due to declining skill due to age or post-injury) and needing to upgrade all at the same time? There is a name for a line like that. It is called the “Cowboys”.

    The line needs to be addressed in this draft, IMO.

    1. I think you can sign Winston, have a great OL in the short term, but also look to get younger along the OL in the draft. If you sign Winston, brush your hands, and go “All set here,” then I’m with you that it’s a bad move.

      (Side note: Kelce is 26, not 28).

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