Random notes from around the NFC East: The Cowboys’ “super smart” scouts, Kirk Cousins’ offseason as the 1, and a free agency podcast

• Tommy and I recorded a show last night. We covered about 20 free agents on offense in about 45 minutes. It’s geared toward the Eagles’ needs, but there could be some players we discuss that could be of interest to the other NFC East teams. I don’t want to set expectations too high, but I can comfortably say that this was the best podcast in the history of the spoken word.

• One of the players we talked about was Fred Davis. Fred went on the radio and talked about his future with the Redskins. It appears the Skins have not approached him about signing a new deal yet:

Has your agent talked to the Redskins?

Not really. They haven’t really talked to him yet. Guess we’re waiting for when free agency starts.

That tells me that the Redskins are either going to just let Davis walk, or they’re going to let the market set the price and decide if they want to make a play to keep him at a reasonable price. Davis is still young at 27, and is very talented. Heading into 2012, I felt that he was the best player on the Redskins’ offense (RG3’s potential notwithstanding). I expect some team out there to make him a serious offer, and think it could pay off in a big way.

• Mike Shanahan thinks of Kirk Cousins as a “first round QB.”  Translation: Come with a serious offer if you want to trade for him at some point down the line. Shanny also talked about Cousins getting offseason reps with the first team:

“Usually your first and second team quarterbacks are getting the same amount of reps going into the OTAs,” Shanahan said. “But when you do get a chance to work with the first unit, it does give you a chance to work with the number one guys.”

“It’ll be great for Kirk. It’ll be a great opportunity for him and he’ll take advantage of it.”

That’s something I hadn’t thought of. This offseason is going to be huge for Cousins. Last year he watched as RG3 got an insane level of attention from local and national media all throughout OTAs, minicamps, training camps, etc. This year that will be Kirk, although obviously nowhere near on the same level. Dealing with all the “side stuff” is part of being a QB in the NFL. Cousins will get a taste of what it’s like to be a starter in the NFL, even if RG3 makes it back in time to start the season. It will be good for him.

But seriously, what’ll Dallas do at safety?  High levels of snark here from Dan Graziano of ESPN’s NFCE blog, with my favorite line being:

And if (Barry) Church and (Matt) Johnson play well enough to emerge as starters in training camp, then good for the Cowboys and their super-smart scouts.


• Speaking of safeties, it appears Dashon Goldson has his mind set on breaking the bank next week. I’d have serious reservations about making a major commitment to Goldson. For one, he’s turning 29 in September, and personally, I’m always a little afraid of safeties and corners that played on teams with a great front 7, then hoping they can maintain the same level of play on a defense that isn’t as good. The Niners may have had the best front 7 in the NFL last season. There are obvious advantages to playing safety on that kind of team. There are better bargains to be had.

• Tom Coughlin wants David Diehl and Corey Webster to return this season, and I believe him. I see Coughlin as a guy that likes “the devil he knows” over the one he doesn’t. That’s the only explanation I can provide for why David Diehl is still employed. They can save almost $5 million if they cut him. Diehl was awful in 2011, although I thought that severe criticism wasn’t totally fair in 2012. He really wasn’t that bad last year. I guess the holdup would be that the Giants may not feel like they have an adequate replacement currently on the roster? Still, How hard can it be to replace him with an extra $5 mil to spend?

• Cullen Jenkins will be visiting the Raiders this week, after trips to New Jersey, San Fran, and Seattle.

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  1. SAD... says:

    “High levels of snark here from Dan Graziano of ESPN’s NFCE blog, with my favorite line being…”

    The HATE and BIAS continues…not to mention the total lack of objectivity and professionalism.

    Cutting edge journalism (as usual) going on at BTB!!

  2. TylerD says:

    Diehl is low lying fruit, just becuase he is on the roster now does not mean he is going to be there when the season starts. Right now he is depth at a position the Giants have no depth at. Kind of like why the Eagles won’t cut bait with Nnamdi who is a complet failure.

    1. horatius says:

      I believe they already cut Nnamdi.

  3. justrelax says:

    Easy to replace Diehl. Demetress Bell is available.

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