If your team no longer employs any of its 2007 stat leaders, you suffered through a rough 2012 season

2007 wasn’t that long ago, was it? In the world of the NFL it was. I went back to 2007 to see who the team leaders were for passing yards, rushing yards, receiving yards, tackles and INTs to see how many of those players were still with their respective teams. Out of 160 players, there were either 32 or 33, depending on if you want to count Brian Urlacher twice for leading the Bears in tackles and INTs in 2007. And I even counted players that are currently free agents… like Urlacher.

The following is kind of a funny look at how how time flies in the NFL. Team statistic leaders include guys like Cleo Lemon, Selvin Young, and of course… Vinny Testaverde.

There were 9 teams that no longer employ any of their stat leaders from 2007.  The combined record of those teams in 2012 was 42-102, and those teams are drafting 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 8th, 10th, 12th, and 13th, although I think there’s a fair amount of coincidence there.

We’ll start with the teams that have the most players still with their respective teams:



3 - Saints


3 - Steelers



2 - 49ers


2 - Bears


2 - Chargers


2 - Panthers


2 - Redskins


2 - Texans



1 - Bengals


1 - Broncos


1 - Browns


1 - Cardinals


1 - Colts


1 - Cowboys


1 - Falcons


1 - Giants


1 - Jets


1 - Packers


1 - Patriots


1 - Rams


1 - Ravens


1 - Seahawks


1 - Vikings



0 - Bills


0 - Buccaneers


0 - Chiefs


0 - Dolphins


0 - Eagles


0 - Jaguars


0 - Lions


0 - Raiders


0 - Titans


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  1. Sheldon Brown led the Eagles with 3 ints? I guess with 14 opportunities, he had to catch a couple…

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  4. felicia says:

    What about sacks as a statistic? That’s a pretty big one.

  5. […] How many 2007 team stat leaders still play for your favorite […]

  6. A fine messi says:

    Still get disheartened every time I see a picture of or read about Sean Taylor…

  7. ct17 says:

    Great stat on the 9 teams and their draft position. It’s amazing how many of those teams have been incompetent for so long. A lot of them failed or did not put enough effort into getting a franchise QB, and you also have a bunch of the poorer franchises in there. Helps justify Flacco’s contract.

  8. gotpong says:

    Ravens have two on their 2012 roster, Lewis retired after 2012

    1. He’s not on the team anymore. He retired, so I didn’t include him. Article says nothing about the 2012 roster.

  9. nygslater says:

    kevin curtis….whoa thats a name i did not expect to see.

  10. alex says:

    ^ great question, I never post but I do read a good amount of articles you post especially when they are on the Eagles and just want to applaud you on all the hard work you do for us, the fans. It is much appreciated.

  11. X says:

    Jimmy, you should have done 32 articles, one for each team, explaining their situation. Then uploaded one article at a time, over the course of a few weeks, with all sorts of fanfare each time. Tweet about it a lot. Then retweet anyone else who tweets about it.

    I bet a good portion of your readers will understand what I was poking fun at there. Thanks for *not* doing that.

    I also just want to thank you for not trying to conclude that since teams with “0” mostly suck, teams should try to try to lock up at least one stat leaders now to make sure he’s still on your roster 5 years from now. This is easily seen when you think about if the Eagles would be any better if they had any of their 5 ’07 guys still on the team. At quick glance, Tony Gonzalez and Marshawn Lynch are the only guys from the ’07 “0” teams that were still significant players anywhere last year.
    So I appreciate that you were willing to note an observation, without feeling the need to manufacture a (weak) conclusion just for the sake of having one.

    And as a fan of your work, out of curiosity, how long did this take to put together? The real answer, not the answer you give to act like you’re a pro who never runs into unexpected problems that drag things out.

    1. Jimmy Kempski says:

      Ha, this one truthfully didn’t take that long, although I do run into the “unexpected problems” all the time on others. I was researching something else, and happened to be on the 2007 Eagles page with Kevin Curtis and Co, so I thought it would be fun to screenshot all the teams, knowing already that there’d probably be some funny names and a lot of turnover.

      It look literally no thought at all to take the screenshots and upload them into the post. Looks like a lot more work than it really is. I did it while watching TV.

      Then when it was done, I’m looking at the “0” teams, and thought “Hey, that’s basically the Top 10 order of the draft.” I had no idea going in that that was going to be the case. Just observed it, and as you noted, didn’t want to make a big deal out it because it just kind of looked like a coincidence.

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