More guys mentioning NFC East teams in their media interviews

I’ll post a similar disclaimer that I posted on the first round of this 2-part series: Some of these quotes are interesting to note, but take these for what they’re worth (usually just a reporter asking a prospect a direct question about a specific team). For entertainment value only (in alphabetical order):

Oregon RB Kenyon Barner (on Chip Kelly’s decision to leave Oregon for Philly):

“It was a great move for him personally. Everybody has their own personal decisions to make and for him that was best decision to make, and he did. He can adapt to any environment, any situations.”

Barner on what the Eagles’ players can expect from Kelly:

“A lot of speed. A lot of speed. A lot of speed. Everything is fast paced. I don’t know if he’ll take that same mentality to the NFL right off the bat, but they’ll be in great shape. No doubt about it.”

Barner on whether he talked to the Eagles:

“Yesterday I talked to the Eagles. But they know everything about you. They’ve been looking at you 4½, 5 years. So I don’t think there’s too much more they want to know. They know you.”

Barner on whether Kelly can be objective in evaluating Oregon players:

“Absolutely. He was our coach for five years, so why not?”

Florida International S Johnathan Cyprien, on if he met with the Redskins:

“No, not yet.”

Florida DT Shariff Floyd on what it would mean to get drafted by the Eagles:

Back to the City of Brotherly Love it is. It would be good to go back home and see a lot of familiar faces and do something good for the city. I have thought about it.

Oklahoma S Tony Jefferson:

“Formal meeting scheduled with the Redskins tonight.”

Georgia OLB Jarvis Jones on who he has met with:

“Jaguars, Cowboys, Bears, Rams”

LSU DT Bennie Logan, on what team he likes to watch:

“I’m a Giants’ fan. No matter who’s out there, the Giants have a great pass rush. Just watching those guys is something unique and special. Each guy has their own style of play and each guy brings something different to the table. They fly around the ball, no matter who’s at the defensive end or defensive end position. They’re just very creative on the defensive line.”

Former LSU CB Tyrann Mathieu, on his support system:

“Patrick Peterson, Darelle Revis, Morris Claiborne, Corey Webster from the Giants. All those guys are pretty much my support system right now. I call those guys, talk to those guys on a daily basis. They give me great advice.”

Georgia LB Alec Ogletree, on who he has spoken with so far:

Yes, I met with two teams yesterday and we had discussions. I met with the Eagles and the Chiefs.

Louisiana Tech WR Quinton Patton (on how many teams he has spoken with):

Six. Eagles, Vikings, Seahawks, 49ers, Jets, Bills.

Texas S Kenny Vaccaro on whether he was meeting with the Cowboys:

“Actually my agent said I was going to meet with them at their place, I think.”


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  3. Jake says:

    I really hope we take a flyer on Honey Badger.

  4. immynimmy says:

    If we draft Floyd at #4, I would go out on a limb saying that we would have drafted the 2 best DTs in the 2012 and 2013 class. I watched a lot of Richardson at Mizzou but I think Floyd will be better at the next level

    1. Yep, so far so good for Cox, obviously. Dominant DL would be a nice start for team that’s semi-starting over.

      1. ct17 says:

        Do you know who else picked two 3-4 DEs early in consecutive years? Kansas City. How did that work for them?

        1. Phillip B. says:

          Yeah, they picked the wrong ones (Dorsey and T. Jackson).

  5. BBI says:

    Sam Montgomery on an NFLN interview (so not formal) mentioned that he met with the Giants and they “grilled him very hard mentally.”

    Just another to add to the list, especially since the Giants haven’t really told anybody who they talk to very much. Good stuff.

    1. Thanks for the addition.

      Yeah, the Giants don’t leak anything, and never talk to guys on the field after practices at the college all star games. Only guy I ever saw them talk to was the kid from Army at the Shrine Game. Steadman or something like that (I’m not googling it).

      Montgomery, by the way, has reportedly been getting slammed by his old LSU coaches.

      1. poolboy87 says:

        What he said about the “not needing effort” sorta brings a bit more credibility to the idea that coaches aren’t that generous about him and to this sign.

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