Players that have mentioned NFC East teams in their media interviews so far

Some of these are interesting to note (like TE Nick Kasa of Colorado), but take these for what they’re worth (usually just a reporter asking a prospect a direct question about a specific team). If you’re a Skins fan, read no further. Nobody mentioned your team that I can see so far. In alphabetical order:

Notre Dame TE Tyler Eifert:

“I’ve formally and informally met pretty much all of them. Formal interviews have been with the Eagles, Bengals, the Texans and a couple other ones.”

Maryland TE Matt Fursterburg:

“You know, not really. I don’t know. I’m from New Jersey, so we follow the Giants. Any team. I don’t really have a favorite.”

Colorado TE Nick Kasa:

“I only have one formal interview on the card. That’s with the Eagles.”

Oregon OL Kyle Long (on what he can tell Eagles players about Chip Kelly):

“Come ready to work. I’m sure it’s like every other job they’ve been a part of. He’s a great coach, a player’s coach.He has a lot of consistency in his weeks and his game plan. I’d be happy to play for him and I’m sure the guys there will be happy to play for him.”

Oregon OL Kyle Long (on whether he’s thought about the Eagles drafting him):

“Everybody has the fear of the unknown, especially when it comes to who is my coach going to be? Who am I going to be playing with? I had the opportunity of playing for Coach Kelly last year so I know what I’d be getting out of him as a coach. That’s one team I’ve sort of done my scouting on a little bit.”

Florida St. QB E.J. Manuel (on getting recruited by Chip Kelly at Oregon):

“It was great. Coach Kelly is a great coach and also a great coach off the field. Obviously I went to Florida State and played for coach (Jimbo) Fisher. Oregon was on the other side of the country. Maybe if I had been from California, I may have considered those guys more. But I definitely watched their games. I saw the success he had. He’s in Philadelphia now, so we’ll see what happens.”

Texas A&M RB Christine Michael (on what it would be like to play for the Cowboys):

Oh, man, that would be a blessing. Being close to home, being right there in Dallas. That would be a blessing, but it would be a blessing for me to be anywhere actually.

Florida OT Xavier Nixon (whose father is retired from the military):

Yup, he’s been to every college game, he hasn’t been deployed since I’ve been in college so that’s been fortunate … he was originally a Cowboys fan but he told me he’ll give it up to wherever team I go to.

Syracuse OL Justin Pugh (on whether he spoke with the Eagles):

“Yeah. The last game I played at my home stadium in Temple, I had 220 ‘Pugh crew’ people in attendance … So they definitely want me to go to the Eagles.”

“I talked to the Eagles last night. I’m looking forward to talking to them again tonight. I grew up an Eagles fan. But at the same time, there are 32 teams out there, so there’s a 1-in-32 chance I end up there.”

Arizona QB Matt Scott (asked about whether he’d like to play for Philly, presumably some reporter asking that because Nick Foles is from Arizona):

“It’s definitely an option for me. Whoever wants me. It would be nice to go wherever.”

Stanford RB Stepfa’n Taylor (on whether he’d like to play for the Cowboys):

“Of course. I’m not picky. As long as I get in I’ll be perfectly fine. But I mean growing up a Cowboys fan, of course that would be big. I know my family would like that a lot. Like I said, I’m not picky. Wherever I end up I will be blessed and grateful.”

Alabama OG Chance Warmack (on playing for OL coach Jeff Stoutland):

“That’s my guy right there. Real explosive coach. We work hand in hand, he complements me and I complement him. A real go-getter as a coach. That’s all he preaches, come off the ball fast, so it works well for me. Kudos to him getting a job with the Eagles. Much respect.”

Baylor WR Terrance Williams (on growing up a Cowboys fan):

“Yeah. (it’s OK to say it) Yeah, growing up in Dallas, I had to be.”

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  2. Cowboy Luv says:

    Teo to meet with the Cowboys! Dez,Dooley,DaRick were n Dallas

  3. Joe D says:

    Well they are all coached up to talk well…

    “How does X team do it for you”

    player: I’l be blessed to play anywhere, but yea, that would be awesome!

    has a player ever said no or hinted that?

      1. RedskinsFan says:


        1. Joe D says:

          So once every 20 years

    1. ct17 says:

      Homer Simpson

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