Jason Garrett says Jay Ratliff will be back with the Cowboys in 2013

Today at his Combine presser, Jason Garrett said Jay Ratliff be back with the team in 2013:


In the wake of Jay Ratliff being arrested for DUI, just weeks after Josh Brent crashed his vehicle killing teammate Jerry Brown, most Cowboys fans wanted Ratliff gone (see the comment section here). The DUI aside, there were already a number of things working against him:

  • He is scheduled to make $5 million in 2013, $5.5 million in 2014, $7 million in 2015, and $7.5 million in 2016.
  • He missed 10 games last season.
  • He had a “physical altercation” with Jerry Jones after the Dallas game in Philly this season.

The two things still working in Ratliff’s favor… and these are biggies:

He also played very well in 2011, when he was healthy, despite what appear to be unimpressive numbers.  Here’s a film breakdown of Ratliff against Jason Kelce, who Ratliff thoroughly dominated.  And here’s another film breakdown from a preseason game this year against the Rams.  The guy can still play. No surprise here at all.


  1. […] surprises here, in my opinion. I’ve already made my thoughts on Ratliff clear. The Cowboys need him. Meanwhile, it doesn’t make a ton of sense, in my opinion, to release Austin. That’s a […]

  2. Peter says:

    damn it. i was hoping the giants could go after jay ratliff to replace canty. its extremely scary that the giants are going into 2013 with marvin austin as the starter. he SUCKS,i mean look at this film of his:


    maybe i guess they go after jason jones. after all they had predraft interest in him (SHRUGS)

    1. poolboy87 says:


      At least you won’t have to worry about your starter being gassed in the 4th quarter?

  3. poolboy87 says:

    Eh, i feel like the reaction to the DUI was largely just the typical emotional response to an incredibly stupid decision. Same thing as Dez Bryant last year…doubt anybody would be screaming to cut him now, though. Not to condone driving drunk, as it irritates the hell out of me, but if it had happened to any other team or a year prior it wouldn’t have been anywhere near as big of a deal.

    True, you would like to think that the Brent/Brown situation would make some of these players smarter than they are about drinking and driving…but people are idiots who don’t think of consequences. Particularly when they’re drunk.

    Not surprised that the Cowboys didn’t let this play into their decision making any more than other teams do.

    1. I thought cooler heads might prevail as well, but look at the replies under Eatman’s tweet:


      1. David_Does_Dallas says:

        Did you really expect anything different from random comments on twitter?

        1. SERIOUSLY! says:

          Now there’s a scientific poll if I’ve ever seen one! LMFAO!! Intrepid journalism there…lol.

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