Film breakdown: Can Dion Lewis get a few touches next season, please?

The largest number of carries the “#3 RB” ever got during Marty Mornhinweg’s 7 year tenure as the Eagles offenive coordinator was 23, in 2011 with Dion Lewis. (Note: Apologies to Leonard Weaver, who was occasionally used as a tailback in single-back sets, but was primarily the FB.)

In many years, it was hard to blame Mornhinweg for that approach, as it would have meant handing the ball to guys like Eldra Buckley and Tony Hunt:

#3 RB

Still, Mornhinweg’s aversion to utilizing multiple running backs often frustrated Eagles fans. Here’s how much Marty used his #2 guy in his tenure as OC:

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  1. T_S_O_P says:

    The only reason Buck averaged 5 carries a game in his final 2 seasons here was because of starts in place of an injured Westy otherwise it was just like it was here for Brown in the final week of the season. Wasted. Look for the trend to continue in Jetsville; don’t you write a column for them?

    1. No more Jets for me.

  2. immynimmy says:

    I figured that Lewis would beat out Polk for the 3rd string RB spot. Too bad about Polk…he’s a talented dude.

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