Random notes from around the NFCE: LeSean McCoy was almost a Cowboy, Vick’s actual cap hit in 2013, and Charles Woodson’s fit in the NFCE

• According to Sheil Kapadia of PhillyMag.com, LeSean McCoy should have been a Cowboy. In the 2nd round of the 2009 draft, despite having a first round grade on McCoy, the Cowboys traded out because they thought they were set at RB with Marion Barber, Felix Jones, and Tashard Choice. Oops. Here is what those three RBs have done compared to McCoy since the 2009 draft:

McCoy vs Cowboys RBs

• ProFootballTalk doesn’t think Tony Romo should be doing the Cowboys any favors by taking a below market contract extension. I agree. The interesting quote from the piece came via Ross Tucker of Sirius:

As Ross Tucker explained last week on PFT Live, Romo instantly would become the league’s highest paid player if he were a free agent right now.

I’m not sure about all of that, but there’s no question he’d get an enormous contract from somebody.

• NFL.com Eliot Harrison released his All-Under-25 team. No RG3. The NFC East players that made it were Dez Bryant, Tyron Smith, LeSean McCoy, Jason Pierre-Paul, and Trent Williams. There’s no way Tyron Smith should have made the team. I’ll take Matt Kalil’s 2012 over Smith’s in a heartbeat. Tyron Smith has all the talent and measurables in the world, but his actual play (while certainly not bad), has not matched his potential… yet. He has become a wildly overrated player.

• Mike Kaye of BGN took an interesting look at what positions NFL teams have drafted in the 1-5, 6-10, and 11-15 ranges, as well as the first round in general:

Not surprisingly, a lot of QBs, pass rushers, interior DL, and OTs.

• Roger Goodell made almost $30 million in 2011. I guess the owners were happy with the new CBA.

• Michael Vick’ salary cap number is apparently not $7 million in 2013, as originally thought. It’s essentially $12.2 million. Have I mentioned already that I didn’t like the Eagles’ decision to bring Vick back? Well I’d like to reiterate that here.

• Ralph Vacchiano of the Daily News predicted that the Giants will not use their franchise tag on anybody this offseason. First, to clear something up quickly, the NFL no longer uses the “5 highest paid player at each position” formula. A better explanation of how it’s determined can be found here. The obvious candidates for the tag are Kenny Phillips and Will Beatty. I’ve also seen Martellus Bennett’s name thrown around a bit. Bennett, in my opinion, is very easily replaceable. There is no way the Giants should ever even casually entertain tagging Bennett for almost $6 million. A few weeks ago, I opined that the Giants should seriously consider the tag for Phillips, although I’ve since heard from a few people around the league that think his injuries are career debilitating. Beatty is the only option at his point, and if the Giants can’t get a long term deal worked out before free agency begins, it’s a no-brainer to lock him up via the tag.

• Charles Woodson is going to be released by the Packers, it appears. Woodson reportedly wants to play for a team that looks like it will be a serious contender to win the Super Bowl in 2013. Based on that initial requirement, I don’t think he’ll be coming to the NFC East.

• The Eagles will not be using their tag on Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, per Geoff Mosher of CSN Philly:

Geoff Mosher

That’s OK. DRC is not worth more than $10 million. However, if letting DRC walk means that the team has its sights set on restructuring Nnamdi Asomugha… Not on board.

• I hit 2 million page views about a week ago. Thank you to everyone for helping support my little NFC East blog.

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  1. Joe D says:

    If we restructure NA, let go of DRC and sign vick for 12 million? I would officially be on the fire, either Roseman or Kelly wagon..Whoever is responsible for it

  2. JasonE says:

    What about the earlier reports that the Eagles could cut Vick before September and save $3.5 million? Or was that just fodder to keep us from burning down the novacare complex?

    Also, if we keep Nnamdi, color me pissed. I’d rather have a really shitty secondary of guys learning, than another shitty year with Nnamdi pointing at safeties after every TD.

    Keeping Vick and Nnamdi kind of pisses on that whole “new direction” we’re supposedly taking.

  3. Mandmeisterx says:

    I think Smith was significantly better in the second half. Seemed to take some adjusting to playing on the left, but he was solid in the final 8-10 games. Don’t let the first JPP game and false starts cloud your judgement.

  4. Imp says:

    -Goodell made $30 million! Horray! All it took was two lockouts, the second that potentially cost the Packers a first round bye, and the expansion of rules that protect offensive players (Brady rule) while completely screwing over defensive players! Great use of money!

    -Speaking of great use of money… Vick costing potentially $12 million? Between him competing with Foles for starting job plus whoever else Eagles bring in and his inability to stay on the field, Vick might not even get 12 starts.

    -I get that Redskins is a racial slur and all…but do Native Americans care? Anyone ask them about it?

    -Congrats on 2 million views, Jimmy.

    1. Joe D says:

      Imp… You clearly don’t get business do you. Goddell continued to make the NFL the most prosperous sport in Amerca by leaps and bounds. That’s what he gets paid to do, and he’s done that..What’s so hard to understand about it???? The safety rules were put in place for a reason. If he doesn’t, then players turn around and sue for millions and millions post career because the “league was negligent on violent hits.” again, ask yourself, what’s his job?

      1. iskar36 says:

        I fully agree with Goddell trying to make the game safer, but I think your comment about Goddell doing a great job because the NFL is so successful is a bit unfair. The comparison isn’t having Goddell lead NFL vs. no football at all. The comparison is whether another commissioner could have done a better job. Could the game be making even more money and be even more prosperous if someone else was Commissioner of the NFL? That’s really how you need to assess whether or not Goddell is doing a good job because frankly, the NFL would likely succeed regardless of who is Commissioner. Unfortunately, that is a much more difficult question to answer because it is hard to point to any numbers to make a good argument.

        My personal opinion is that both lockouts were handled poorly by the Commissioner. On top of that, I think his attitude that he has final say on suspensions is ridiculous. Having said that, as I said above, improving the safety of the game (which lets be honest, with the pressures from the public about head injuries, he had few options) was something he has done well, and hopefully can continue finding ways of improving the safety without affecting the game to much. Still, I fall way short of thinking Goddell is a good Commissioner overall and I don’t think the success of the league is largely dependent on him.

    2. Eric says:

      Yeah they do. I had a professor who had lived on reservations with Native Americans and they find it incredibly offensive. He refuses to call the team by that name because of it.

  5. Tracer Bullet says:

    I hope they never change the name because I enjoy watching Washington fans perform incredible mental gymnastics to convince themselves that “Redskins” somehow isn’t a racial slur.

  6. WIll says:

    The redskins should change their name to the Indians. That way they can have their politically incorrect name, and it wouldn’t be as offensive.

    1. Cowboy Luv says:

      Over rated! u mean like Asomugha over rated or like D.jackson Over Rated ?

      1. ATVCAR says:

        Can one who is considered as stinks be over rated?

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