Random notes from the Eagles’ “Assistant Coach Summit”

Last Monday, the Eagles made their assistant coaches available to the media. Apologies for the delay in posting my notes, but here were the most interesting nuggets that I was able to catch:

• Offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur thought it was important to keep a few coaches around from the previous staff. This would apply to RB coach Duce Staley, and TE coach Ted Williams:

“I think it’s important to have a little local knowledge.  As we come in as new coaches of an organization, you try to learn about the players as quickly as possible. But (the coaches that were part of the previous staff) have just been with (the players) and they understand how they respond to adversity. They understand how you can coach them best. Having a little bit of that local knowledge is important.”

• It sounds like Shurmur has plans on utilizing multiple RBs:

“(Bryce Brown) established himself as a good player last year. I know we liked him quite a bit in Cleveland as we did our (draft) evaluations. I’ve always believed that there is a place on the roster, there’s a place in the game to play two RBs. You have your starter, but the other guy or two needs to play so that they can all get through the season together. You have to use more than one RB. It’s a long season, and a guy can run out of gas quickly.”

• If you’re among the fan contingency that wants the Eagles to employ a big, physical receiver, Shurmur doesn’t seem to think a big receiver equates to a better red zone production:

“Everyone talks about big targets in the red zone. That’s another one of those media-driven phrases.”

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  1. Joe D says:

    Well, you have to LOVE the interest in the coache’s mindset of trying to evolve and keep getting better. It’s a lot different than the “here’s my scheme, it works,, keep firing.” I think a lot of the good NFL coaches fall into that trap. But that’s about all the excitement I have for the Eagles at the moment will reserve judgement for everything else later

  2. David_Does_Dallas says:

    Cowboys just had their Assistant Coach Summit also, you should take a look at Kiffin’s interview, it is pretty entertaining.


  3. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

    “I need to understand what’s going on in that relish bottle.”

    That, my friends, is what Andy Reid stopped doing for the last 4 or 5 years.

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