Giants cut Michael Boley

Boley injuriesMichael Boley was cut by the Giants today. Some quick notes:

  • He turns 31 in August.
  • He was scheduled to make $4.25 million this season.
  • He was very banged up last season. He had back, hip and hammy issues. I circled Boley’s assorted ouchies to the right, just in case you don’t know where your back, hip, and hammies are. But just to note, that’s like one continuous pain going down his entire midsection. He also had knee issues in recent seasons. The Giants’ doctors are smart, I would assume. They knew Steve Smith was done. Perhaps they know something about Boley.
  • His snaps were greatly diminished at the end of the season. Check out Weeks 15-17 (per ProFootballFocus):

Michael Boley snaps

Boley was by far the Giants’ best linebacker the last few years, in my opinion, but his play fell off in 2012. Whether his release is a result of some sort of degenerative injury concern, or because they simply think the size of his contract is too prohibitive to keep him, going from “Good Michael Boley” (whenever “Good Michael Boley” ceased to exist) to whatever they replace him with could be a significant downgrade.

The Giants’ cap situation is a mess heading into this offseason, so they have some tough decisions to make. This is only the first of likely many to come.

And no, I don’t really see much of a fit with any of the other three NFC East teams. Maybe the Redskins if London Fletcher retires, but there’s a good chance Boley will have found his new team by the time London makes a decision on that.


  1. ct17 says:

    I’m not sure you will see Boley’s phone ringing. WILLs are pouring out of colleges and 3-4 teams don’t want them. Boley is in the same class as recent Eagles Will Witherspoon and Ernie Sims. All 1-year rentals playing as temps or injury replacements.

  2. Trent Perry says:

    Is it just me or is the NFC East’s cap really tight this year and a lot of team are going to let go of older well-known players (except maybe the Redskins).

    1. Yep. Eagles: Nnamdi and Vick. Giants: Boley, and possibly other guys like Diehl, Webster, etc. Cowboys: Maybe Doug Free (although that’s not a huge name). And the Redskins could cut D Hall.

  3. BBI says:

    I think Jacquian Williams will make Boley’s loss a lot easier to swallow. He definitely had lost a step towards the end. Everybody was predicting he was going to be cut before the season ended. He could still be re-signed to a lower salary, who knows?

    1. Love Jacquian as a role player. Not sure he’s a three down guy like Boley was, although maybe you don’t need a 3-down guy. Maybe a committee approach can be just as effective.

      1. BBI says:

        We’ll have to find out if he can step up. Its a question mark, for sure…but I’m feeling a lot better for him to stay in there to man the WILL spot than I would be for Hosley or (insert draft pick here) to take over for Webster should he be cut, or James Brewer for Diehl (though it would be hard to be worse).

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