Random notes from around the NFC East: Change your Twitter avatars, Giants fans

• The Giants are no longer the reigning champs. I think that fact is something that 75% of us can celebrate, albeit in a very bitter way. If you’re a Giants fan, and you have a Twitter avatar that celebrates your team’s Super Bowl win from a year ago, under law 53-2B of the sports fan code, you need to change it to something else. Thank you in advance.

• In the last four seasons, the team that played the Eagles in the Philly home opener went on the win the Super Bowl. If my math is correct (and it very well may not be), the odds of that occurring are 1 in 923,521.

• If the Eagles have their eye on assistant coaches currently employed by the Ravens and/or 49ers, their search for a new defensive coordinator should heat up this week. Tommy and I recorded a podcast on where the Eagles currently stand as a coaching staff.

• RG3 is the Rookie of the Year. If that award included playoff achievements, I have my doubts on whether or not he would have held off Russell Wilson, but based on the regular season only, I agree with the voting.

• Jason Witten won the NFL’s Walter Payton Man of the Year award.  Good for him.  Frankly, I felt that not enough attention was paid to Jason during the pregame festivities.  They brought him up with Payton’s daughter to a podium, gave him his award and quickly shuttled him off.  It was like he was receiving an award for “Best Sound Mixing” at the Oscars.  Maybe note what charities he’s involved with and some of the great work he did?  Instead, it was like, “Here’s your award, Jason. OK, now let’s go live to Matchbox 20!”

• In thinking about the offseason team needs for each of the 4 NFC East teams recently, the one position that stands out as a major weakness division-wide is safety.  All four teams can use help there, to varying degrees.  Fortunately, the safety position is very deep this year for the first time since 2010.  Three drafts ago, there were 13 safeties taken in the first 150 picks:

2010 safeties

Over the next two drafts combined, only 17 safeties were taken in the first 150 picks.  2011 is particularly ugly:

2012 safeties

2011 safeties

In this upcoming draft, there’s a chance there could be as many as 15 safeties taken in the first 150 picks. I’ll be looking at them on film closely between now and the draft.

Apologies for the slow content lately. It was kind of a crazy week. I should be back on schedule this week.


  1. OlSkoolSkinsfan1972 says:

    I don’t know why people keep trying to shortchange RG3’s rookie season by talking about the playoffs. The man was the Rookie of the Year period. Russell Wilson didn’t even get close in the voting.

  2. Tracer Bullet says:

    In fairness to the NFL, Witten is just another big dopey white dude while Brittney Payton is HAAAAWT.

  3. Juz Saying says:

    Glad the Niners lost now the Steelers are the only team with more rings than the Cowboys!

  4. Keith Petres says:

    923,521 looks right here. 31 ^ 4.

    And next year when the Eagles win the Super Bowl (?!?) the stat could be changed to “For the fifth straight year, the eventual Super Bowl was playing in the Eagles’ home opener.”

    1. RogerPodacter says:

      i can’t help but think the number is different. not because the math is wrong, but because we are looking at the wrong odds.

      31 ^ 4 would be the probability that the team the eagles faced in the home opener won the SB.
      My problem with this is that it does not include the chance that the eagles could win the SB, since each year, there is a chance that any of the 32 teams could win, not just the 31 teams that are not the eagles.

      rephrasing it…. what would be the probability that the team that won the superbowl is the same team that the eagles played in the home opener, four years in a row?
      i’m not so good at my conditional math anymore, but i would imagine that it becomes very complicated when you add in things like “what is the probability that any team would face the eagles in a given year” and “what is the probability that the same team would also play @ the eagles that year” and “what is the probability that this game would be the first eagles home game of this season”.

      then again, who knows. maybe i’m talking out my ass. lol

      1. Iskar36 says:

        I’ll be honest, this number has had me thinking a little bit this morning. The (1/31)^4 is the probability that the Eagles face the team who wins the Super Bowl with the following assumptions:

        1. The Eagles do not win the Super Bowl

        2. Every team has an equal possibility of winning the Super Bowl in any given year (in other words no team is considered a “Super Bowl” contender versus a “rebuilding” team)

        3. The Eagles are equally likely to play any team in the league in a season(a false assumption because the Eagles only play 13 different teams every season and who they play is predetermined. Not to mention that only 8 of those teams play the Eagles in Phily)

        All three of these assumptions improves the odds, so if we don’t make these assumptions, the odds are probably even significantly less likely than 1 in 923,521.

        The one other assumption I can think of that if ignored may make this slightly more likely (although I doubt it cancels out the other 3 assumptions) is the fact that the 1/31^4 also assumes that within the 8 home games possible, the home opener is randomly assigned. A lot of the time, the home opener is designed to be an exciting game with a good team. Thus, of the 8 games possible, the league is likely to pick a team that would have a better chance of being Super Bowl contenders going into the season to play the home opener against the Eagles.

  5. Kurt says:

    If Phillips does leave the Giants,his replacement is already on the roster…I don’t see a “need” there.

    1. Don’t be fooled by Stevie Brown’s INTs last season. There was a lot of the ball finding Brown instead of Brown finding the ball going on there.

      (Assuming you’re talking about Brown, that is…)

      But I do agree that the Giants need safety help less than the other teams.

      1. Matt says:

        While obviously the Giants don’t have a 3rd Safety the quality of KP (does anyone?), with a mix of Stevie Brown, Will Hill and Tayler Sash alongside Antrelle Rolle, I just don’t see safety as a position of need.

        I also like Jacquain Williams in the hybrid S/LB role, although he’ll probably be the starting WILL since Boley will be cut…

        1. Horatius says:

          Really hope J. Reese thinks the same way you do. Once the sophomore slump hits, there’ll be another gaping hole in the midgets’ secondary.

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