The Eagles’ OL starters in 2012 missed 1295 more snaps than the rest of the NFC East, combined

OL missed snaps - Eagles OL missed snaps - Cowboys

OL missed snaps - Giants OL missed snaps - Redskins

OL missed snaps - NFCE


  1. Mark Sitko says:

    What is the relationship of losses to O lineman missing snaps? We were losing one game for every 291 snaps missed by our O Lineman – clearly are biggest problem this season. Thanks for this post Jimmy – only you bring us these gems

    1. Mark Sitko says:

      “our” not are…jesus sitko

  2. brisulph says:

    One would argue that Locklear was a better player (and far more missed when out) than the Croatian Turnstile.

  3. Imp says:

    Ok, which one of you put a voodoo curse on the Eagles’ o-line? Admit it, whoever you are.

  4. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

    The statistics for missed blocks is strikingly similar to the statistics for missed snaps.

  5. Mflick says:

    Should also give a bonus for Dunlap getting injured.

  6. Mike says:

    Does Peters really count when he was out before the start of training camp?

      1. Matthew says:

        If he counts then so should Jammal Brown. Tyler Polumbus was fighting for a job in training camp, then suddenly we were forced to have him be our starter.

        1. carvermb says:

          But that would undermine the point the author is trying to make. Don’t you know anything about “journalizin”?

    1. slandog says:

      He was going to be a starter so I’d think that he should.

  7. Mandmeisterx says:

    I wasn’t sure if those were included or not, but deservedly so, if they were.

    1. Mandmeisterx says:

      Reply fail. Clearly aimed at Jeff.

  8. ct17 says:

    This post mistakenly infers that Bernadeau and Livings not missing snaps is an advantage.

    I would have typed this sooner, but Free and Smith were holding me.

    1. Haha, wow, a lot of shrapnel there.

  9. ATVCAR says:

    Are these totals due to injury only or include being benched?

    1. Watkins was benched/injured (cough), but when he was healthy again he didn’t find his way back into the lineup. I counted all his missed snaps.

  10. Mandmeisterx says:

    Snaps missed due to sucking don’t count. (Looking at you Danny Watkins)

    1. Jeff says:

      Could say the same for Doug Free.

      1. Jimmer says:

        And Bernadeau. I wish he would have missed some snaps.

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