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Eagles team needs


QB: This position of course is the million dollar question for the Eagles this offseason.  Michael Vick is likely to be cut, although there remains a possibility that he could take a pay cut to stay with the team. Personally, I had seen about enough of Michael Vick sometime around the middle of October, and don’t think he’s any kind of answer going forward. That leaves 2nd year QB Nick Foles and veteran Trent Edwards, who is signed through this upcoming season. Foles showed glimpses of being a legitimate starter in the NFL last season, but not so much that if a good QB was available, you’d feel comfortable passing him up.

In a similar way that the Redskins were able to simultaneously groom star rookie QB Robert Griffin III and backup rookie QB Kirk Cousins, the Eagles and their new coaching regime are in the position to groom Foles and a rookie QB draft pick. The Eagles currently have 8 draft picks, and are likely to get a 9th when the compensatory picks are announced at the end of March. In my opinion, it’s a near certainty that one of those 9 picks will be a QB.

RB/FB: Good to go.

WR: Hang in there with me on this one. I have a lot to say on the WR position.

The following is where the Eagles have finished in Red Zone TD percentage since 2009:

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  1. RogerPodacter says:

    i dont really think its fair to look at red zone pct and only look at the passing game, what about the running plays? yea, we can knock AR/MM for not running the ball enough, but thats beating a long dead horse at this point.
    but what about the other teams? i would expect the jets to run the ball more than the eagles, because…well…sanchez. but i dont really know how much that correlates to red zone rushing tds vs passing tds…

    i think when you get in the red zone, you need a big or physical receiving target and/or a big, punishing RB/FB that can pound the ball in from short yardage.

  2. ts0pT_S_O_P says:

    It doesn’t help any when your finesse Wideouts have a finesse OC calling the show.

  3. immynimmy says:

    I thing to keep in mind with those red zone efficiency rankings and issues. Kelly had one of if not the best red zone offense in college football (I know for a fact one year it was ranked #1 and the rest of his tenure was at least top 5) so Kelly know’s what he’s doing in the 20s. Like most, if not all Eagle’s fans know, is that playcalling in the redzone has been the issue. Now I’m not saying that we don’t need a big, athletic, and physical guy at WR to help us, it’s just something to keep in mind. I’m sure Kelly would know what to do much better than Reid did in the redzone with not just DeSean and Maclin, but Celek and the RBs. Having said that, I would LOVE if we drafted Da’Rick Rogers at some point. THis dude is one mean dude. Physical, fights for YAC like his life depended on it, super physical, very strong upper and lower body, size, toughness, etc. This is the WR that Eagle’s fans have wanted for so long. He was my man crush last year but he didn’t declare. If he did he would be a 1st rounder and the reason why he isn’t mocked higher is off field issues.

  4. AJ says:

    Every year I hear people say how we need big WRs. Yet look at the teams that have those WRs. The Lions have megatron and didn’t make the playoffs. The Bears had Marshall and didn’t make the playoffs. Last year the Giants won the whole thing with Nicks (6’1) and Cruz (6′). I think too much is made over getting a big WR. Also, just because they are big doesn’t mean they will be a RZ threat. The WRs you listed: Megatron and Plax are dominant guys, Plax less so due to age but was dominant in his prime. How about all the big guys that didn’t pan out. I get it’s nice to have an AJ Green, but those guys don’t grow on trees and this team has much bigger needs. Not to mention, there is another way to score in the RZ. Hopefully under Kelly we can start trying to run the ball in and use our best player.

    1. mandmeisterx says:

      But Nicks plays way bigger than either of the Eagles WR’s. He’s strong, physical, and makes plays on the ball in the air. Maclin and Jackson are none of those things. That’s the perceived problem.

    2. Johnson is the best player on that team, by far, and Marshall might be the best player on that Bears team. I’ll even add another one for you. Vincent Jackson played for the Bucs, and they missed the playoffs too.

      Did they miss the playoffs because they had big, physical receivers? No. In fact, all three of those players make their teams a lot better.

      A big physical receiver isn’t going to guarantee a playoff berth, but they can definitely make you a better team.

      1. AJ says:

        That’s true, but look at the resources given up in order to get them. Finding WRs like Green and Megatron require high first round picks and or a lot of money. Those resources would be much better served by being used elsewhere, like at S or NT where we do not already possess starting caliber players. I get that DJ and Mac don’t exactly compliment one another, but they both are starting caliber WRs. Cooper and McNutt suffice in my opinion as potential role players inside the 20s.

        Also, another one of the reasons the Jets were so good in the RZ is because Sanchez had the most or 2nd most rushing TDs by a QB. This is something to consider as an option with Kelly running the show.

        1. Gotta disagree on the Calvin Johnson vs S/NT thing. I’ll take Calvin Johnson over any S or NT in the league.

          …although I’m not sure if that was what you were saying.

          I’m certainly not saying the Eagles have to spend their 1 or 2 on a big receiver if there are better players available, but I do think its something they need to address at some point, whether that be in the draft, free agency, or other.

          1. AJ says:

            Calvin Johnson is one of the 10 best players in the NFL. Of course you take him. My point is that you can’t just grab a big WR and make him into a Calvin Johnson. Look at Stephon Hill for the Jets. He’s tall and has great speed, but was no where near being a game changer.

            1. There are also no guarantees that a smaller receiver will be good either. I agree that big, productive red zone receivers are not easy to find, but a big, physical receiver is the type of guy I want them targeting at that position going forward.

              1. AJ says:

                Agreed. I think where we differ is how much of a priority it is to find that guy given the other holes on this team. Do you not think its worth giving cooper or mcnutt a shot to be the #4 guy and significant role player/ RZ option?

  5. Joe D says:

    If I were Howie Roseman I wold give Andy a call and say “Hey, you want your guy Maclin, I want Bowe.” Aside from T.O. Andy has never pursued a larger physical WR. He has tried to address WRs many times in the past, but never that guy we’ve all been clamoring for (except T.O.)… Honestly he’s in love with speed and small guys, so why doesn’t he take the Maclin show with him in a straight up trade and maybe a conditional late pick based on performance

    1. ct17 says:

      Bowe is an unrestricted free agent.

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