Senior Bowl links galore!

For most of the week at Senior Bowl practices, I sat in the bleachers with Tommy Lawlor of IgglesBlitz and, as well as Dan Klausner from Bleeding Green Nation. It was fun hanging out with those guys and arguing over who we liked, and who we didn’t. I kept referring to a WR from a school that Tommy liked as “Body Catcher McGee,” because I saw him catch a few passes with his body that he should have caught with his hands. Tommy disagreed, so it was fun watching that player in all of his reps going forward to see if he’d catch the ball with his body or with his hands, and trash talk would ensue based on the outcome.

Anyway, a few links. First, Tommy and I recorded a Senior Bowl recap podcast, which is full of 3-part greatness. Seriously though, this is a good mix of funny stories, and good prospect info:

Here are Tommy’s written notes:

And then here are Dan’s notes, which are organized nice and conveniently in one place¬†over at BGN.

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