Random notes around the NFC East: Ratliff, Callahan, and Eli in the Pistol

• Jay Ratliff was arrested on suspicion of DWI less than two months after teammate Josh Brent drove drunk, crashed, and passenger/teammate Jerry Brown died.

Ratliff is building a stronger case for the Cowboys to cut him. Some things already working against him:

  • He is scheduled to make $5 million in 2013, $5.5 million in 2014, $7 million in 2015, and $7.5 million in 2016.
  • He missed 10 games last season.
  • He had a “physical altercation” with Jerry Jones after the Dallas game in Philly this season. On a side note, I tried to talk to Ratliff after that game (having no knowledge of what had transpired immediately after the game), and he did not want to talk.

The one thing still working in Ratliff’s favor… and this is a biggie… is that the Cowboys are extremely thin at DT.  He also played very well in 2011, when he was healthy, despite what appear to be unimpressive numbers.  Here’s a film breakdown of Ratliff against Jason Kelce, who Ratliff thoroughly dominated.  And here’s another film breakdown from a preseason game this year against the Rams.  The guy can still play.

The overwhelming thinking is that the Cowboys will cut him. I’m not so sure that is going to happen.

But back to the drunk driving offense.  Hogs Haven published the NFLPA’s policy to prevent NFL players from driving drunk. There’s really no excuse at all.

• Tim Brown, former Raider player under new Cowboys offensive coordinator, accused Callahan of sabotaging the Super Bowl. Tim Brown is insane:

I love that Brown goes as far as to blame Callahan for Barrett Robbins disappearing before the Super Bowl, as if Robbins didn’t have some problems.

Tim Brown reminds me a little of this (1:31 mark):

• Bill Callahan will be calling the plays in Dallas this season. He hasn’t called plays in the NFL in about 10 years, but obviously, he has had a long career in the NFL.  Here is where the Raiders ranked in yards/points when Callahan was the offensive coordinator from 1998-2001:

Bill Callahan

Not too shabby.

• The QBs down here at the Senior Bowl are growing on me. They would be (in no particular order) Mike Glennon, Ryan Nassib, Zac Dysert, Landry Jones, EJ Manuel, and Tyler Wilson. They’re all far from perfect, but there’s a decent chance that all 6 could go in the first 3 rounds. The Giants, Eagles, and Cowboys are all in play to draft a QB this year.

• Former Nevada head coach Chris Ault, who coached Colin Kaepernick in college, thinks Eli Manning can run the pistol.

Popular thinking suggests you need a highly mobile signal-caller to make the pistol work, but Ault shot that down, suggesting that more plodding passers like Eli Manning could find success leaning on those concepts.

“They could run the pistol formation,” Ault said Tuesday on ‘NFL AM.’ “They don’t need to run the read part of it. When we first put the pistol in, in 2005 and 2006 (at Nevada), that’s all we ran. We ran the power, the gaps, the counters, the zones, the outside stuff. We did not run the read at that time. So, the pistol offense, the most important thing there, is you can run any offense you’ve been running. And this is how we created it, and then we advanced the pistol run game — the read part of it — two years later.”

The pistol is just a formation. It is not a way of life.

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  1. ClydeSide says:

    THE MAIN POINT ABOUT THE PISTOL: Ault said he wanted an inside running game and the shotgun is more conducive to running wide. So, he moved the QB closer to the line (4 yards inste3ad of 7 yeards for the GUN). The running back is at 7 yards directly behind the QB. (Like RGIII and Morris) CHIP KELLY HAS RUN IT WITH THE RUNNING BACK IN DIFFERENT POSITIONS: behind to he left, behind to the right, and even with the QB left or right. Kelly has used zone blocking AND man depending on the desired result. While it is a ony formation–it is a formation with a purpose.

  2. Dave R says:

    “The pistol is just a formation. It is not a way of life.”

    This is something that many Eagles fans are misunderstanding at the moment since Kelly was hired. I speak of said fans who don’t think Foles can be successful in the system, thus we need Need NEED Michael Vick in all of his turnover-prone, bad-defense-reading glory to run the offense because he’s “fast.”

    My eye twitches every time I read something like that.

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