Senior Bowl notes, Day 2, South practice: Ziggy Ansah’s second highlight of the week, and my run-in with Joe Namath

joe• Yesterday I talked about how much I liked San Diego St. CB Leon McFadden:

Leon McFadden stayed in the hip pocket of opposing WRs the entire day. Nobody sniffed separation on him. PBUs all over the field, and he even had a phenomenal one-handed pick along the sidelines in which it looked like he was able to keep both feet in bounds. I think he really helped his stock today.

More of the same today from McFadden, minus the highlight reel pick.  Obviously good player.  He’s going to be drafted high. On a side note with McFadden, somebody asked me yesterday who I liked at practice. I answered, “McDonald, the small school kid.” That prompted the draftniks standing near me to think, “McDonald, the small school kid?” while looking at their roster sheet to see who I was talking about. Turns out “McDonald the small school kid” was neither a “McDonald” nor was he from a small school. Oops. Naturally, my scouting prowess was immediately brought into question. I argued that my lack of prior knowledge on many of the prospects put me in a better position to evaluate each player without any preconceived notions. More laughter from the draftniks ensued.

• I also mentioned yesterday how much I liked Baylor WR Terrance Williams. He did not replicate his performance from a day ago. Early on in the practice he ran a gorgeous looking sluggo route in 1-on-1’s, roasting Georgia S Bacarri Rambo.  But it was downhill from there. He had a bad drop, and on a 10 yard stop, it looked like he thought he was covered well (he was), and didn’t even look for the football. It hit him in the arm. Rambo, by the way, has been brutal, although there’s a general feeling that he may be hurt.

• Ezekiel Ansah looked good again today. Yesterday he skied for a batted pass at the line. Today he put a nasty inside spin move on the RT, and got to the QB. Unmistakable athleticism. Getting a lot of buzz down here this week.

• Georgia WR Tavarres King and Louisiana Tech WR Quinton Patton had nice moments today. Patton ran a post route, made a catch in traffic, turned on the jets, split the safeties and was gone. The safeties may have let up a bit since there is no tackling, but Patton’s after-burners were impressive nevertheless. Meanwhile, a corner tried to get physical with Tavarres King at the line, and King did a great job fighting him off with his hands, and getting into his slant route. He then extended to catch a laser on the run. Great hands. Really well done.

• Patton also had a great catch on a deep ball down the sideline. For the second day in a row, the CB that was beaten on the play in which a WR made a great catch despite great coverage was Robert Alford of Southeastern Louisiana. Alford has really impressed me so far. He was also better today fielding punts/kickoffs after struggling yesterday.

• A bunch of drops today. As previously mentioned, Terrance Williams had a bad one, as did Rice TE Vance McDonald, Wake Forest FB Tommy Bohanon, and Arkansas WR Cobi Hamilton.  Hamilton in particular has had a rough start to his Senior Bowl week.

• Oklahoma OT Lane Johnson had a good day.  He owned LSU DE Lavar Edwards on a couple of occasions.

• E.J. Manuel had a few nice throws. When you talk about “QBs that can make all the throws,” Manuel fits the bill, with the key word being “can.” He throw with zip, with touch, and is occasionally accurate.  Does “occasionally accurate” make sense? I guess what I mean there is that he’ll string together a few passes in a row that are right on the money, which tells me that he really is accurate, only with the occasional throw where you go, “What the hell is he throwing at?”

• I didn’t see any NFC East teams talking to any prospects after this practice, but Tommy pudding pops saw a couple guys the Eagles talked to that missed in the morning session. They would be:

  • Washington CB Desmond Trufant
  • USC S T.J. McDonald.

• Joe Namath and I had a little run-in yesterday. Tommy pudding pops told the story at his site. Sorry, Broadway Joe. I meant no intentional disrespect.

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  1. I noticed the same thing about Manuel in game action. It’s more appropriate to call him inconsistent than flat out inaccurate, because he does have the talent to put difficult throws right on the money. My hunch is that he can be coached up on some of the finer points that will help him eliminate more of those unintentional junkballs in his arsenal. Get someone like Tom House in there to find out whatever hiccup he has in his mechanics. It would be a shame for that flaw to hold back someone with such a special size/speed/arm combo.

  2. Joe D says:

    I know EJ has been deemed a “chip kelly” kinda qb, but I have watched McNabb be consistently inconsistent for 11 years and I want no part of that anymore. Foles> Manuel

    1. I’m inclined to agree. However, the Eagles are going to draft a QB this year. I’m almost certain of that. If they can get EJ in… say… the 3rd round… I think there could be some appeal in Kelly and Shurmur developing two young QBs simultaneously, a la the Redskins with RG3 and Cousins. Foles would be the semi-tested guy, with the talented but inconsistent upside guy pushing him as the backup.

    2. Getting a McNabb approximation later in the draft is hardly the worst thing in the world, especially in an age where coaches are thinking about ways to utilize their quarterbacks’ total skills more creatively than ever before.

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  4. Dan in Philly says:

    I’ll share my Joe Namath story: My father saved his life!!! It’s true! He was at Alabama at the same time as Joe, and one day my dad was driving down the street, and Joe walks out into the street in front of him. My dad, in a heroic act, put his foot on the brake and didn’t run over him.

    When you think about it, my pop was responsible for the Superbowl being what it is today.

    1. brisulph says:

      Awesome story.

  5. Hahaha.. Like I said in Tommy´s blog: at least this time u didn´t drop his cellphone like u did to Ware´s Ipad after Eagles game! Hehehehe.. Could have been much worst! 😀

    1. I’ve now had various run-ins with Joe Namath, DeMarcus Ware, Mike Shanahan and Dan Snyder. That’s a pretty formidable who’s who.

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