Senior Bowl notes, Day 2, North practice: Mike Glennon shows off the gun, and a Monte Kiffin sighting

• Got to see our first taste of RBs in pass protection.  None of the backs stood out in a good way, other than smarty pants Harvard FB Kyle Juszczyk, although you would expect the FB to be better than the North team tailbacks, none of whom weigh more than 201 pounds.  During the pass pro drills, Juszczyk got himself a pancake, then came to the sideline and recited the value of pi to the 50th decimal place. Robbie Rouse, a 5’5 back from Fresno St., struggled mightily in pass pro, although you might expect that.  As blitzing safeties and LBs, the two most impressive players were safety Phillip Thomas of Fresno St., and Harding LB Ty Powell (I think, anyway), who was a late addition to the North team, and doesn’t even appear on my roster sheet.

• It appears as though NC State QB Mike Glennon has the best arm here.  He connected on several nice looking deep balls.  I recall one of them being to Elon WR Aaron Mellette, and another to Oregon St. WR Markus Wheaton.  Miami OH QB Zac Dysert, on the other hand, had a bad day.  He threw one ball a good 4 yards over the head of Robinson on a 5 yard stop, and had other passes sail on his as well.  Dysert did look good on one particular throw he made on the run to his right.

• The highlight of the day was Texas WR Marquise Goodwin breaking the ankles of Boise St. CB Jamar Taylor, not once, but twice… on one play.  Goodwin ran a gorgeous looking slant route with some shake, and got wide open on Taylor, but that wasn’t the end of his route.  He then cut back to the outside as Taylor’s knees completely locked up.  Goodwin competed in the Olympics as a long jumper, and per Wikipedia, he has won two NCAA championships in the long jump, and is a top competitor in the 60 and 100 meter dashes, as well as the triple jump. The track stars can often struggle with route running, but Goodman’s route against Taylor was a thing of beauty.  On the downside, Goodman did drop a pass he should have had in traffic today. He’ll be a player to watch at the Combine.

• One of the players I was most interested in seeing this week was DE Margus Hunt of SMU. Against Fresno St. in the Hawaii Bowl, Hunt basically wrecked the game. Here was his performance that day (it starts to get good just before the 2 minute mark):

Hunt measured in at a little over 6’8 and 277 pounds.  That might actually be too tall. Interesting prospect. He turns 26 in July. More info on Hunt here.  So far, after one practice that I’ve seen (so don’t make too much of it), Hunt has been handled by the North team’s offensive linemen.

• Utah St. CB Will Davis had a rough day.  He was beaten deep by Marshall WR Aaron Dobson.  The ball was even underthrown by Ryan Nassib, but Dobson was still able to make the play because he had gotten so much separation on Davis.  Then later, Davis bit hard on a double move, and Michigan’s Denard Robinson (playing WR) was left all by himself for an easy completion on an out and up.

• Central Michigan OT Eric Fisher was one of the winners at the weigh-in yesterday. He came in at a little more than 6’7, 305.  He almost looks like a sleek, athletic, yet supersized TE.  I didn’t get a long look at Fisher today, but when I did look over at one point, he was completely dominating Texas DE Alex Okafor. Fisher is getting some buzz here as a Top 10 kind of prospect. I’m not sure he’ll climb to the point where the Eagles would take him at 4, but he’s certainly a player to start playing very close attention to. I highly doubt he’ll make it to the Cowboys or Giants at 18 or 19, respectively.

• Good day for the CBs all around. Desmond Trufant of Washington impressed me.

• Denard Robinson will not be returning punts anytime soon, in my opinion.  He had a muff, he let a ball bounce a yard or two in front of him that he didn’t have to run up and catch, and just generally did not look “confident,” as Tommy Lawlor remarked to me from the bleachers. The punt returners a a group had a really bad day.  Jamar Taylor had a muff, as did Markus Wheaton.  It was windy out there today, but then again, it’s windy in real games, too.

• Had my first Monte Kiffin sighting since the Cowboys hired him. A mean, evil remark heard nearby from the bleachers: “Yell ‘Chip Kelly!’ and see if he has a heart attack.”

• Once again, all the NFC East teams were either stealthy in their approach to talking to players after practice or just not talking to anyone at all on the field, with the exception of the Eagles. Here’s who the Eagles spoke with:

  • Boise St. CB Jamar Taylor: 4 INTs in 2012
  • Kansas St. WR Chris Harper: 58-857-3 in 2012. Transferred from Oregon.

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  1. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

    Marquise Goodwin has such incredible juke he changed into Goodman mid-paragraph. That is NFL-caliber athleticism.

  2. Dday says:

    Why haven’t the Eagles talk to Thomas yet, and as a Fresno State fan, that Hawaii Bowl was not fun to watch. Hunt going against a True Freshman tackle, made him look like the second coming of Reggie White.

  3. Jerrys point says:

    Wont be funny once da Boys sweep da Eagles Again!

  4. T says:

    “A mean, evil remark heard nearby from the bleachers: “Yell ‘Chip Kelly!’ and see if he has a heart attack.”
    Tell Tommy that’s pretty funny.

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