Some thoughts on the Eagles’ hiring of Pat Shurmur to be their offensive coordinator

The Eagles hired former Browns head coach Pat Shurmur to be their offensive coordinator.  Shurmur was the TE coach in Philly from 1999-2001, then the QB coach from 2002-2008.  He was also the offensive coordinator under the Rams in 2009-2010, tutoring Sam Bradford in his 2010 rookie season.

Last season, Shurmur’s Browns led the NFL in rookie snap counts by a wide margin, and that team improved greatly as the season progressed.  Here were the rookie snap counts in the NFL this season:

It’s an interesting fit, as Shurmur runs a West coast style offensive, which is in contrast to what Chip Kelly ran in Oregon.  It’s good to see Kelly bringing aboard a coach who can bring diverse ideas to the table. Shurmur will also likely play a large part in Nick Foles’ development (not to mention any QB the Eagles may select in the upcoming draft), as he has done a good job developing QBs in the past.

Take this for what it’s worth, but here are a list of QBs that worked with Shurmur, and their success with and without Shurmur’s tutelage.  Shurmur coached McNabb in his prime.  With Bradford, Shurmur was developing a rookie.  Feeley was an unexpected contributing backup, and Jeff Garcia as well past his prime when Shurmur was his QB coach.  Their numbers:

McNabb Shurmur

Bradford Shurmur

AJ Feeley Pat Shurmur

Jeff Garcia Pat Shurmur


  1. quagmire5 says:

    If you are going to transition an offense, where most of its players have only known WCO… it would be wise to bring in somebody capable of converting your ideas to the players’ knowledge base. So only one person has to re-invent the wheel (Pat) and not 22-26 players. I see this as an excellent example of Chip’s concession to create an offense based around players and not a system.

  2. I think we should come up with a name for “the offense Chip Kelly” ran since we are going to be talking about it for the next 9 months. Spread based option zone read is both cumbersome and geeky. The Duck offense has a ring, but why do I think the legal staff at U of O, won’t be too pleased?

  3. rage114 says:

    I like the hire because if nothing else, Shurmur is well versed in the NFL (as a positional coach, as a coordinator, and a HC).

    But he is doesn’t command the attention of a Lovie Smith or other big “name” that might cause a rift on the staff (perceived or otherwise).

    No one will be calling for Shurmur to replace Kelley if anything goes south.

    Yet, Kelley will have someone to bounce ideas off of, perhaps help with in game issues (challenges for example).

    I also wonder where this originated? With Roseman? With Reid? When I think Kelly, I don’t think Shurmur. The idea of hiring Shurmur had to be someone elses suggestion.

  4. Tom says:

    I liked the hire. In addition to the points you list, Shurmur has also been an NFL Head Coach, so he should be able to help Kelly with that transition as well.

  5. It makes you wonder if Chip Kelly is putting together an offence that uses some west-coast terminology for the passing game and glues some of the west-coast passing offence and concepts to his running system.

    You’d think the slants/crossing routes that the west coast favours would work quite well with the directional zone running he likes.

    1. David_Does_Dallas says:

      Seeing as Dallas has instituted a defense predicated on stopping the west coast offense, let us hope this is the case.

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