NFC East 2013 draft picks


The Eagles have 8 picks. A few notes:

  • In July of 2011, the Eagles traded Brodrick Bunkley to Denver for a conditional pick in 2012.  The Eagles will receive the Broncos’ 6th round pick.
  • The Eagles traded a conditional pick to the Browns for S David Sims.  The conditional pick was based on the amount of time Sims stayed on the roster.  Those conditions were met, so the Browns will receive the Eagles 6th round pick, while the Eagles will receive the Browns’ 7th round pick.
  • The Eagles traded LB Moise Fokou and LB Greg Lloyd to Indianapolis for CB Kevin Thomas and a conditional pick.  For the Eagles to receive the conditional pick, both Fokou and Lloyd had to make the Colts’ roster.  Lloyd did not, so the Eagles will not receive the conditional pick.

Eagles draft picks


The Cowboys have 6 picks. They traded their 7th round pick to the Dolphins for C Ryan Cook.

Cowboys draft picks


Nothing complicated here:

Giants draft picks


  • The Redskins traded their 1st round pick in 2012 (6th overall), their 2nd round pick in 2012, their 1st round pick in 2013, and their 1st round pick in 2014 for the Rams’ first round pick in 2012 (2nd overall – Robert Griffin III).
  • The Redskins traded Albert Haynesworth to the Patriots for a 5th round pick
  • The Redskins traded Donovan McNabb for a 2012 6th round pick and a conditional 6th round pick in 2013. However, McNabb did not meet the minimum playing time requirements in Minnesota, so the Vikings do not have to send their 2013 6th round pick to the Redskins.
  • The Redskins traded Kevin Barnes for a conditional pick. Those conditions were not met, so the Lions reportedly do not have to forfeit that pick.

Redskins draft picks

Also of note: As Rich Tandler of CSN Washington points out, the Browns and Saints currently don’t have their 2nd round picks:

The exact placement of (the Redskins’) second-round pick remains to be determined. They would be slotted at 54th under normal circumstances. However, that will improve by at least one slot because the Browns picked wide receiver Josh Gordon in the second round in last year’s supplemental draft so their forfeit their second rounder in this year’s regular draft.

And, as of now, the Saints are supposed to lose their second-round pick as part of their penalties for the bounty scandal. However, that penalty could be reduced to a lower pick or picks. So as of right now the Redskins have the 52nd pick but that would be bumped up to the 53rd if the Saints get their second-round pick back.

The same concept applies to all picks after the Browns/Saints, in terms of overall draft position.

Compensatory picks are likely to be announced in March.

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  1. bret thomas says:

    you can trade conditional picks? When didthat happen?

    1. Conditional meaning if certain conditions are met; not to be confused with compensatory picks, which are awarded based on net free agency losses.

  2. Juz Saying says:

    Time 4 a NFC EAST Mock Draft

  3. Tron says:

    I wonder if rams fans are happy with the RG3 trade. Before the knee injury probably not, but now I could see them coming around.

    1. Skins Fan says:

      It was the largest package of 1st and 2nd round picks ever assembled….so despite RGIII’s personal success, they should have been happy. A more interesting question (to me) is whether the Redskins team success affects the perception of Ram’s fans. I am sure they expected to get a high draft pick for 2013 (and maybe again in 2014), not the 20 or 21st it is turning out to be. .

      1. A fine messi says:

        Actually, the Hershel Walker trade netted the Cowboys 3 first round picks, 3 second rounders a third, sixth and a slew of players.

        1. chad says:

          Im pretty sure the Cowboys got a slew of players, but Jimmy Johnson cut them all knowing he’d get all those picks….It wasn’t picks and players…

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