Want to spend the next 5-10 hours of your life watching tutorials of Oregon’s offense under Chip Kelly?

Me too!

Thankfully, Chris Brown of SmartFootball.com wrote a piece today linking to all kinds of Oregon film goodness from around the web.  Links include:

  • Chip Kelly’s actual philosophy and approach
  • Cut-ups on various plays that were staples of Kelly’s offense at Oregon, organized by play and pass concept
  • Thoughts on how to stop Oregon’s offense
  • Various other film breakdown tutorials

This is outstanding stuff, and a must for any Eagles fan that loves film breakdowns.  Just go.

H/t to Derek Sarley of IgglesBlog for the find.


  1. dannymac056 says:

    fishduck.com. great site for those new to the Ault spread read O. Also this article from Grantland is a great look at how Stanford shut down Oregon. Pretty sure Perry Fewell never read this before playing the Skins. http://www.grantland.com/blog/the-triangle/post/_/id/43197/stanford-shows-oregon-its-own-brand-of-old-school-football

  2. Hope says:

    Do you know the contract term of Chip Kelly’s contract (# of years and $ per years)?

    1. No, that hasn’t come out yet.

    2. 5 years. $ still unknown.

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