Eagles hire… wait, what?

Chip Kelly

Go see Tommy’s piece on Chip from a few weeks ago. Everything you need to know about him is there.  Long, detailed read.

The Eagles’ front office never ceases to entertain and surprise me. Great hire… I think.

Can’t wait to learn how all of this went down. Maybe Jeffrey Lurie is really M. Night Shyamalan?


  1. dan in philly says:

    Oregon didn’t win by having better athletes than anyone else.

  2. Real Talk says:

    Kelly will freak out when he try the hurry up with older men & find out his team is not faster than everyone else = eagles swept by the NFC East again!

    1. Imp says:

      Well, Eagles went 1-5 against the NFC East, so technically they weren’t swept by the NFC East. Thanks, Giants!

      Also, this implies that the hurry up offense doesn’t work. Ask the Patriots or any team with a good two minute offense how well the hurry up offense can be.

  3. SteveH says:

    This is the most shocking development, I literally did not believe the first reports I was reading. I want every writer and media personality who was trashing the Eagles for not being the “best available job” etc. like Lurie said to issue a public apology and then spank themselves for good measure.

  4. Hope says:

    Good bye Nick Foles?

    Hello Dennis Dixon???

    Or reach for Geno Smith at #4???

    1. No, no, and no. 🙂

  5. David_Does_Dallas says:

    I just hope Kiffen is more successful against Kelly in the NFL then he was in college.

    1. Aphilfan says:

      Just to put some numbers to that:

      Three games. 601 YPG. 50 PPG.

      (At least according to the Dallas Morning News article Google sent me to.)

      1. David_Does_Dallas says:

        Yeah. It will be interesting to watch. I don’t think Dallas has much to worry about from the Eagles at this point.

  6. Hope says:

    I guess Oregon could be facing some serious NCAA sanctions.

  7. dan in philly says:

    Lovie the new DC? Wiz or Billick the new OC?

    1. Jimmy Kempski says:

      Billick basically said (without saying it) on NFLN that the Eagles brought him in to pick his brain about who he thought were good OCs/DCs around the league.

  8. Frank says:

    From bracing myself for Wisenhunt to this in 1 minute flat……shocking

    1. eagles2zc says:

      My feeling exactly

  9. NYG_slater says:

    And to think Chip Kelly was almost part of the giants coaching staff under coughlin.

  10. brisulph says:


    1. SteveH says:

      Robot Chicken reference, lol.

      1. brisulph says:

        Good to know someone got it.

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