Random notes from around the NFC East: RG3’s knee, the Senior Bowl, Barrett Jones, and b/r taking over the world

Barrett Jones

• I’ve chosen to hold off commentary on Robert Griffin III’s knee until we actually have some concrete news there, which could happen at some point today.  “A guy that knows a guy that saw Robert’s MRI” may very well have an accurate report, but I’m going to wait.  Obviously, the status of his health is enormous news, so I just wanted to explain why I don’t have anything on him here yet.

• I’m officially booked for both the week of practices at the Shrine Game (next week), and the Senior Bowl (the week of the 20th). Here’s an example of the kind of coverage I had last season at the Senior Bowl.  Also, I had reports like this after each practice.  I’ll be doing that stuff this year as well, and hopefully more.  Yesterday, I passed the collection plate around to help me offset some of the costs of my trips to Tampa and Mobile, respectively.  If you’d like to donate a little bit of cash to help with my costs, it would be greatly appreciated.  Simply click the “Donate” button on the right column of this site.

And a huge thank you to those of you that have already donated.

• I officially love Barrett Jones, the center for Alabama:

  • 3-time National Champion.
  • 1st team All SEC at RG in 2010.
  • Outland Trophy (Nation’s best offensive lineman) winner and concensus AllAmerican at LT in 2011.
  • Rimington Award (nation’s best center) winner in 2012.

He doesn’t just play every position along the line.  He wins major college awards in doing so.  And he’s funny.  Here were his comments after Alabama won the National Title last night, when he was asked about when he shoved QB AJ McCarron after Alabama had to waste a time out in a blowout. In a very jokey fashion, he said:

It was a misunderstanding, but we’re both very passionate players that have a commitment to get it right. It happens. Quarterbacks sometimes forget their place.

There’s a lot of (talent remaining on this team). We’ve got a lot of great people, and there’s no reason we can’t do it again, but not with me. It’ll be a lot harder without me, I’ll say that. They’ll have to get somebody who knows the offense really well, so they can tell (QB AJ McCarron) what to do from under center.

Awesome. Not that it will happen (especially with the Cowboys), but I love him for the Cowboys at 18 or the Giants at 19, as long as he doesn’t completely crap the bed at the Senior Bowl (assuming he competes there) or the Combine.


• Dez Bryant is having surgery on his finger today.  Loved this line in Calvin Watkins’ article:

There was a thought that Bryant would delay surgery to play in the Pro Bowl, if he was named as an alternate.

I’ll take “Dumbest ideas I’ve ever heard in my life for $2000, Alex.”

• The Cowboys fired RB coach Skip Peete because the Cowboys’ run game was terrible this season. I have no idea whatsoever if Skip Peete did a bad job or not, so it’s not my place to comment on whether his firing is justified.  I can, however, note that the offensive line that Jerry Jones has ignored for the past 10 years may have had a little something to do with the failures of the run game as well… but he won’t be firing himself as the GM anytime soon.

• The Eagles head coaching search (cough) charges on. Sheil Kapadia of Philly Mag updated where the Eagles stand in terms of interviews on the horizon. Tommy Lawlor also paraphrased some of Adam Caplan’s thoughts on the head coaching search.  Quick read, and some interesting nuggets there, particularly this one:

Caplan says the Eagles never made a contract offer to Chip Kelly.  Caplan made it sound like the 9-hour meeting was a mixture of the Eagles selling Kelly on the job, but also the Eagles figuring out if he is the guy they would hire.

Just today I heard a rumor (and I stress “rumor”) that the Eagles were a bit nervous with some of Kelly’s answers about putting together a coaching staff and his thoughts on defense at the NFL level.  No idea if that’s actually true.

• Very boring on the Giants’ front.  Apologies for my recent neglect of them and the Cowboys.  I’ll have more on both teams this week.

• CNN is replacing Sports Illustrated with Bleacher Report for it’s sports coverage. I did not make that up. I’ll repeat. CNN is replacing Sports Illustrated with Bleacher Report for it’s sports coverage. Have you ever seen the “Jersey Shore” episode of South Park in which the entire United States is being taken over by the “awfulness of New Jersey?”

NJ South Park

As a disclaimer, New Jersey is my home, and is a fantastic place to live, but I digress. Anyway, the same premise is going on with Bleacher Report taking over the sports writing world. Google anything sports related. ANYTHING. You’ll find some shitty Bleacher Report article. Go to any small online site for a newspaper, and you’ll often find their sports sections populated by Bleacher Report articles. You’ll even find that for a number of very large media outlets like Yahoo and others.  That’s all fine and good, but for CNN to completely replace Sports Illustrated with Bleacher Report for their primary sports coverage… just… Really, CNN?  I mean, fucking REALLY, CNN?

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  1. Horatius says:

    CNN is trying to emulate Fox News, even for sports.

  2. T says:

    So I had to write to some author of Bleacher Report about some of their horse racing stuff because their coverage was so incredibly wrong that it angered me that much. I know that the % that really care or know better is small, but when you’re a popular “news” site that purports to cover sports, there should be some level of accuracy at some point about what you’re writing about.

    But the response I get back from the guy, “Eh, it was pretty close, I’m not a horse racing guy.”
    That’s worse than no response at all.

    But thankfully, the incorrect information was in an easily digestible slide show! Exactly like I like!

  3. mandmeisterx says:

    His line at the end of this was spectacular.

    1. mandmeisterx says:

      Also, Bleacher Report sucks.

  4. Kben22 says:

    UGH…Bleacher Report is infuriating for all the reasons you’ve mentioned plus the fact that it’s a total performance dog. It feels like it’s running off a 6 year old laptop in a basement somewhere.

  5. dt3 says:

    Am I the only one that is praying the eagles find a way to trade back (~15??) and pick up Barrett Jones?? I freekin love this guy.

    The eagles line may have been a disaster this year but they still have a lot of possible pieces to work with. Question is how do they put these pieces together and who returns to form after injury. I could picture 3 possible positions (C, RG, RT) he could come in and instantly take over depending on how the rest of the pieces fall together.

  6. Tron says:


    What are your thoughts on this jimmy, seems kind of strange to me that the Eagles wouldn’t even interview the guy

    1. It doesn’t surprise me all that much, really. In Lurie’s presser, he talked about how the Eagles got away from how they traditionally built their team when they started gobbling up free agents. Would Gruden have patience to build? Or would he want to win immediately? To leave his cushy job in the MNF booth, my guess is that it would be the latter, and I’ not sure if that’s what’s best for the team. (Portions of that stolen from Tommy)

  7. Andiamo says:

    Bleacher Report huh….I guess it makes sense they have Piers Morgan too

  8. roger williams says:

    bleacher report is the shit hole of writing … smdh

  9. ArthuroMolenda says:

    Boring ? We signed Curtis Painter for crying out loud !

    1. Ha, nice. I didn’t even know that. Bad job by me.

      1. Paradox_What says:

        Have to put yourself in a better position to succeed ^^

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