Highlights and lowlights from the 2012 Eagles rookie class: Defense edition

Eagles snap countsAs we noted last week, the 2012 Eagle rookies combined for a total of 3,898 total snaps on offense and defense (special teams excluded). Those snap counts are broken down by player to the right. Those 3,898 snaps ranked 3rd in the NFL. Last week we looked at the highlights and lowlights of each of the rookies listed to the right, beginning with the offense. Today, we’ll look at the defense:

Fletcher Cox highlight: It would be easy to point to the Bengals game in which Cox picked up 1.5 sacks, which helped him earn a share of the team lead in that category this season (with 5.5, sadly). But I think some of Cox’s better moments came this season when he was swallowing up double teams, allowing other guys to make plays. Brian Solomon of NBC Philadelphia broke down Cox’s performance against the Ravens earlier this season, in which the Ravens gave Cox all sorts of attention, and he made plays anyway.

Fletcher Cox lowlight: He got kicked out of a game for punching somebody.

2013 outlook: Cox was arguably the Eagles’ best defender last season.  The sky is the limit.

Mychal Kendricks highlight: On 4th and 2 in the 4th quarter against the Ravens, Kendricks broke up a pass intended for Ray Rice, sealing the victory.

Mychal Kendricks lowlight: On 3rd and 6 against the Redskins, Kendricks completely lost contain on Robert Griffin III, allowing the rookie QB to pick up a first down on a drive that would eventually lead to a TD.  Here’s Kendricks circled in yellow.  At this point on the play, RG3 is 15 yards from the first down marker. Kendricks, at a minimum, needs to force RG3 back to the inside:

Kendricks 1

But he aggressively charges upfield, as RG3 makes his cut to the outside:

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