Cowboys fire Rob Ryan

Jets beat writer Brian Costello of the NY Post reported that Rob Ryan was fired today:

Rob Ryan 1

Is it true?  Oh, it be true.

Rob ryan 2

Rob Ryan’s career coaching resume:

Rob ryan 3

Compare that with the rest of the defensive coordinators around the league.  Also, none of those above teams that Ryan coordinated had a winning record.

Oh and then there was the time he got an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for yelling at Andre Smith:

So I guess what I’m saying here is… this doesn’t come as a huge surprise.


  1. slandog says:

    You could see this coming right after he was hired. He’s never really done anything great as a DC, maybe average at best. He’s getting jobs because of his dad and brother.

  2. Juz Saying says:

    Rex & Rob all bark no bite!

  3. Kben22 says:

    Did you catch what he said when asked about the firing??

    “I inherited a team that was 31st in the league in defense and made them better,” Ryan told’s Tim MacMahon. “I (expletive) made them a hell of a lot better. I’ll be out of work for like five minutes.”


    1. I did. Gotta love his (cough) confidence.

      1. DerfDiggy says:

        Rex is a damn good DC. Rob is the only one in the family without bite thus far.

  4. SteveH says:

    Jimmy, off topic but important, you see this about RG3’s knee?–rg3-suffers-torn-lcl–surgeon-says-return-for-next-season–not-the-norm–030202476.html

    How crazy is Shanahan? The part about the LCL not being an “isolated injury” is the damning thing IMO. Losing RG3 for the whole season next year to keep him playing hurt in a lost cause playoff game is nuts.

    1. Oof, not good. I hope he plays. Great kid.

  5. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

    He’s a no-talent blowhard smacked ass.

  6. Blargjl says:

    This surprised me, because I thought he would get a one year pass based on the wave of injuries. His defense when healthy, while it wasn’t outright shutting teams down, did a great job of carrying the team through the offensive struggles early in the year (especially considering the bad positions they were put in thanks to mistakes and issues in the other two phases). And later in the year when the injuries took their toll, the defense wasn’t quite as atrocious as they should have been. And most of the issues they had outside of the two skins games weren’t due to coaching or scheme – the players just weren’t good. They would be in position to make the play, but completely whiff on the tackle.

    I think a big factor in why they canned him was the chaos and disorganization – I don’t think I’ve seen any team have so many 12 men on field penalties (or have to burn timeouts because they only had 9 or 10). Plus that thing with Andre smith.

    So I’m a little surprised, but not too broken up. I figured from day one that this would be a short term arrangement, and that he would be gone in two years (either a. he would do great and get a HC gig, or b. he would get canned)

  7. Pat says:

    Now he just needs to become the Jets DC and get a tattoo of his wife wearing Revis’ number….

    1. Scott says:

      Only the funny thing about Rex’s tattoo is that Sanchez sucks

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