Redskins-Cowboys rivalry relevant again, per TV ratings

According to the Nielsen Company, here were the top 30 fall TV programs in 2012.  The only spot not occupied by the NFL was the Thanksgiving Day Macy’s parade, at #23.  At #1 and #2 were both Redskins-Cowboys games:

TV Ratings

Part of those high ratings had to do with the fact that everybody is going to watch football on Thanksgiving regardless of the two teams involved, not to mention the stakes involved in the Week 17 matchup.  But obviously, that Redskins-Cowboys rivalry, which was really only a HUGE deal to people over 35 years old, took a major upturn this season.

More ratings info from the NFL here.


  1. The Giants had 8 games within that list vs the Cowboys 5. Cowboys do elevate the division in popularity, but the Giants are no slouch…

    1. yehti says:

      cowboys 7 just sayin

  2. Juz Saying says:

    Da Cowboys make this Division popular ,if they were n tha NFC west they would make The Skins the Cards,The eagles the seahawks & The Giants the Rams

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