NFC Hierarchy/Obituary with Week 17 in the books

Obituaries this week:

Who are the most disappointing teams in the NFC?

The Eagles and Lions are certainly at the top of that list all by themselves, but when you look around at the rest of the NFC, an argument could be made that the Giants would be next in line. ┬áHere’s how bad the Giants’ defense was in 2012:

  • 31st in total defense (yards)
  • 30th in 3rd down percentage
  • 28th in pass defense
  • 25th in rush defense
  • 4th most pass plays of 20+ yards allowed
  • 2nd most pass plays of 40+ yards allowed
  • 31st in yards per pass attempt
  • 22nd in sacks
  • 28th in yards per carry allowed

The Giants have a very important offseason ahead of them. They have 27 free agents, 21 of whom are unrestricted, including LT Will Beatty, S Kenny Phillips, and DE Osi Umenyiora:

Giants free agents

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  1. Joe D says:

    Mostly non factors if you ask me.. The giants ARE good at replacing talent ( at least historically)…Eli needs to have a good year , but they sorely need another DE aside from JPP…Tuck is done and Osi is a 1 trick pony that wants to be paid too much. I would like KP on the Eagles if he’s haelthy.

    1. Jimmy Kempski says:

      Beatty has become a legit LT. They can’t lose him, and if he hits free agency somebody will throw serious money at him.

      Phillips is always hurt, but if he can stay healthy he’s the best safety in the division, and nobody else is even close.

      While I agree Osi is a one trick pony, that one trick is awesome. The guy creates turnovers. They’d miss him (even with a down year in ’12).

      1. horatius says:

        How exactly do they prevent Will Beatty from hitting the FA market? He’s not an RFA and the giants are right up against the cap.

        1. Jimmy Kempski says:

          There’s always a way. They can restructure current deals, etc.

  2. TylerD says:

    two years in a row of terrible defense and the only way we get rid of Fewell is if some other team hires him away. Only diffrence between last years Giants and this year’s Giants is Eli did play other worldly and pull off a lot of 4th QTR comebacks. Untill Fewell goes sadly I don’t think things will improve.

  3. brisulph says:

    Interested to see what will go down, but Fewell will be back (unless someone out there offers him a HC job), so I suspect the D will still have a lot of the same problems it had this year (scheme is a huge deal).

  4. The Giants did finish 12th in points per game allowed, I believe.

    And Umeinyora is not technically a unrestricted free agent yet. He has one year left, but it’s easily voidable (and I think the Giants have promised they will void it)

    1. Jimmy Kempski says:

      Hmmm… I got my list directly from the Giants’ website. They listed him as a UFA.

      1. Oh weird. Maybe they already voided it, or this is wrong.

        They’re usually spot on.

        1. Spotrac is often inaccurate. I’ve gotten bad info from them before. Rotoworld is better. Spotrac is more easily searchable (you have to search players individually on Rotoworld), but Rotoworld is always going to be accurate.

  5. DerfDiggy says:

    FYI: D’angelo hall F*ckin sucks…F*ck him!

    1. JimmyJinx finally failed.

      1. DerfDiggy says:


        JimmyJinx can’t beat TonyTurnover apparently:(

  6. Hogdarnit says:

    Hmmmmm, maybe some of these secondary players can be useful over at the Redskins….

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