Redskins opposition film breakdown: Beware Red Bryant and the blocked kick

In 2011, there were 35 blocked FGs/PATs in the NFL.  The Redskins accounted for 6 of them.  In other words, they were on the wrong end of 17% of the NFL’s blocked FGs/PATs last year.  In fact, one in every 8.2 FG attempts were blocked!  This season, they had a couple punts blocked in the first two weeks, but have otherwise been vastly improved in their kick protection teams.

Two of those six blocked kicks last season came courtesy of Seahawks DT Red Bryant, who had 4 on the season in 2011, and one a couple weeks ago against the 49ers, which led to a TD return.

A quick look at his blocks against the Skins last season:

On this block, the Seahawks’ FG block team attacks the same spot a number of other teams attacked in 2011, the RG.  Note that the line of scrimmage is the 5 yard line:

And note the push that Bryant gets:

Who’s the Redskin laying flat on his back at the 9 yard line?  That would be #63 Will Montgomery.  This simply can’t happen:

Later in the game, Bryant blocked a PAT. Note that on the PAT of course, they lined up at the 2:

Bryant 1

Bryant gets penetration to almost the 6, and makes the block:

Bryant 2

And who missed the block again?  Yep, Will Montgomery.

Bryant 3

It should be noted that Will Montgomery still lines in the same spot on the line on the FG protection team.  Here are Bryant’s two blocks on video:

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  2. skinsaneasylum says:

    …Yet the Redskins still won that game with Rex at QB. I have to assume they will be better prepared to stop the Seahawks from blocking kicks again this year….or at least I hope to god this is the case.

  3. Hogdarnit says:

    Looks like Montgomery ended up on his back cuz he had to block two people each time. I think that’d happen to anyone. To be fair, the D must have saw something they could exploit and apparently they did. Hopefully, Montgomery will have improved since that time.

  4. horatius says:

    Danny Smith will make adjustments. Will Montgomery has an MCL sprain. Josh Lereibus will handle those duties. He’ll be up for it. He’s a stronger blocker than WIll M.

    1. Hogdarnit says:

      Don’t you mean Leichensteiger has the ankle sprain? I wasn’t aware Montgomery was injured.

      1. WeGotLinemen says:

        Montgomery suffered a grade 1 sprain against Cleveland. Lichensteiger missed something like 22-snaps in the middle of the Cowboys game, but was back for the end of the game.

    2. WeGotLinemen says:

      One lives in hope, but Danny Smith was still struggling to get the blocking right at the beginning of this year. I have absolutely no trust in his coaching ability.

      1. horatius says:

        So, what happened since then? No blocked field goals. No blocked punts. No missed field goals until the Dallas game. No long returns surrendered until the Dallas game. No touchdowns allowed on special teams. It looks like Danny Smith has done enough to save his job.

        1. WeGotLinemen says:

          The thing about Danny Smith we had a dire punting game during his tenure, going through a succession of young players who never developed and veterans on their way out of the league. That was until Sav Rocca arrived. A two sport professional who was developed as a punter by another franchise.

          We haven’t had a reliable kicker for most of Smith’s tenure. He failed to develop a youngster, he failed to identify a veteran. Kai Forbath has been really good but, again, he has been developed by another franchise. Also, why have we got Forbath, because he gave up on Shaun Suisham, who is now kicking for the Steelers. Then he gave up on Gano (9 from 11 in 6-games with the Panthers) and switched to Cundiff, sight unseen, contributing to our stuttering start to the season.

          Prior to the arrival of Brandon Banks, Danny Smith’s return teams have been almost entirely toothless. This year he persisted in using Banks when it was clear he was nowhere near the threat he had been prior to the knee surgery he had half way through his first season. He was also the coach who persisted in making Antwaan Randle El return punts when it was very clear that the $30m we had paid him meant he had absolutely no interest risking his neck in the return game anymore.

          As for making sure there were no more blocked kicks after a bad start to the season, that’s kind of the minimum expectation of a special teams coach. That’s not a good coaching job. That’s recovering from a significant failure, one which was a repeat of shortcomings displayed in the previous year. He had an entire off-season to deal with it. He had new personnel to deal with it, and yet it was still a problem come the regular season.

          Danny Smith has always produced good coverage teams, and he has contributed massively to the development of Lorenzo Alexander, which is great, but it is only part of his job.

          1. horatius says:

            Danny Smith is no special teams HoFer. But his performance is not as bad as Bobby April’s. Besides, all he has to do is not let Leon Washington break a long run and I would look at that as a success for the next game.

            Let’s lower our expectations appropriately here.

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