Twitter poll results: Would you trade Nick Foles and a 2 for Tony Romo?

Last night, Tommy Lawlor and I recorded a podcast episode, and we were busting on the Cowboys a little.  Off the cuff, Tommy asked me if I would trade Nick Foles and a 2 for Tony Romo (not that it’s on the table, or ever will be).  I thought that would be a fun question for Twitter, so I posed it:

Romo 0

Two major takeaways from the response:

  1. Tony Romo’s current stock is very low.
  2. People LOVE to play GM.

Anyway, I received so many replies, I figured I’d just post them all.  Enjoy:

Romo 1

Romo 2

Romo 3

Romo 4

Romo 5

Romo 6

Romo 7

Romo 8

Romo 9

Romo 10

Romo 11

Romo 12

Romo 13

Romo 14

Romo 15

Romo 16

Romo 17

Romo 18

Romo 19

Romo 20

Romo 21

Romo 22

Romo 23

Romo 24

Romo 25

Romo 26

Romo 27

Romo 28

Romo 29

Romo 30

Romo 31

Romo 32

Romo 33

Romo 34

Romo 35

Romo 36

Romo 37

Romo 38

Romo 39

Romo 40

Romo 41

Romo 42

Romo 43

Romo 44

Romo 45

Romo 46

Romo 47

Romo 48

Romo 49

Romo 50

Romo 51

Romo 52

Romo 53

Romo 59

Romo 54

Romo 55

Romo 56

Romo 57

Romo 58

For the record, I would.


  1. Brian says:

    Yes, easily. I have 0 emotional attachment to players (positively or negatively) and there is no such thing as clutch no matter how many times Romo derps in big games.

  2. rex says:

    Isn’t Tony Romo just a less succesful Donovan Mcnabb. At leas D-mac waited til the nfc title game to choke.

  3. Sejo28 says:

    Jesus Zoidberg has spoken…

  4. David_Does_Dallas says:

    The best post was the one on trading Maclin for a first rounder. I want that guy for my GM if he could pull that off!

  5. The Reddgie says:

    He has lost 6 of 7 elimination games, and he does it in a way that would be hilarious if it weren’t so damn sad. Absolutely not. I wouldn’t trade Foles for Romo straight up.

    1. Hope says:

      Foles lost 6 of 7 games he played in the NFL, and most games he played he showed nothing special. In the same 7 games span (11/11 – 12/23), Romo has 16 TDs and 3 int and Foles has 6 TDs and 5 int.

      And now people think Foles is so much better than Romo????

      I can’t believe I am defending Romo since I am a Redskins fan but comments like this are killing me.

      I will trade Foles for Romo straight up but not with a 2nd. 2nd rounder is valuable.

      For short term, Romo is much better than what Philly has now. I will look at other options for long term and I don’t see Romo, Foles, or Vicks as answer.

      1. deg0ey says:

        I think the logic is that we know what Romo is and it’s not as good as a team should be aiming for. We don’t know Nick’s ceiling yet – he might be better or he might be worse – but you may as well take a gamble on the guy that might not be good enough rather than getting the guy that is definitely not good enough.

  6. jjeaglerooter says:

    After seeing romo shine and fail in that order , over and over ,on the same sunday I can’t believe anybody would.It’s almost like he has been cursed to be only so good , and then blow.

  7. Nick S. says:

    I wouldn’t. Romo’s already 32, and I really believe that Foles will become as good as, or even better than Romo.

    1. Hope says:

      I think Foles is a ok QB and a good decent backup in the league. I think he is good enough to fill in for couple of games for the starter. But what did you see in his 7 games and say he will be as good or better than Romo?

      Foles is like a statue in the pocket. Do you see him as a game changer? a QB that makes people around him better? A QB that can carry a whole team on his back?

      I will not make that trade since Romo is 32 and is on the down side of his career but to say Foles will be as good or better after 7 games is a little much.

      1. Nick S. says:

        I didn’t think he was a statue at all. He showed great pocket presence and knew when to leave the pocket when there was too much pressure. One play that sticks out was his TD pass to Clay Harbor in the Tampa Bay game.

        I believe his main faults, such as his accuracy on deep throws, are fixable and will improve over time. Maybe I’m jumping the gun a bit, but Foles is pretty much the anti-Blaine Gabbert and I think that bodes very well for his future.

  8. yehti says:

    why would u want Romo in your dynasty when u have Vick……;)

  9. DocJ says:

    Romo is worth more than Foles and a 2…

  10. DerfDiggy says:

    People are stupid. Romo’s a great QB. May not win anything in Dallas, but there’s a bunch of factors at play out of his control there.

  11. Hope says:

    Will you give three 1st and a 2nd for RG3?

    Or Foles and a 1st for Eli?

    1. Yes, and… hmmm…


      1. RedskinsFan says:

        Wow Jimmy, I thought you felt the Redskin’s kings ransom for RG3 was too much last year.

        What a difference a year makes.

        1. Not at all. Supported that trade from Day 1.

    2. brisulph says:

      If RG3s health is guaranteed for 10 years (ie no crippling injuries that require significantly missed times/dips in play), then yes. However, it is a lot of investment, and it will be determined long term whether the price was too steep.

  12. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

    Straight up, maybe. No if it costs a 2.

  13. bula says:

    i wouldn’t sign him to a free agent deal

  14. Marlowe Alter says:

    hahaha NO. He’s a total tease

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