Random thoughts from around the NFC East: RG3 vs Luck, Candy bar Webster, and some Anthony Spencer love

• The Eagles will pick somewhere between 3rd and 8th in the 2013 NFL draft.  Scenarios here.

• London Fletcher is now officially one of those underrated/overrated guys.  I’ll explain.  Some players are underrated for long that they get that “underrated” tag to the point where everybody says they’re underrated.  Their stock among the fans rises, and eventually people take it too far, and the player becomes overrated.  The Eagles’ Quintin Mikell is another great example of this phenomenon.

It works the other way too.  Jason Peters made a few Pro Bowls early in his career, then he had a few down years and still made the Pro Bowl.  That earned him the “overrated” tag.  When he started to play really well again, people had already had it drilled into their heads that he was overrated, when in reality he was beginning to play again like one of the best offensive linemen in the game.  He had made the switch from being overrated to underrated.

SappLondon Fletcher is a player I have a ton of respect for, and once even compared his career to Ray Lewis.  There are no shortage of previous seasons in which London Fletcher was snubbed for the Pro Bowl, and I think that might be clouding people’s opinions of the way he has played this season.  Here’s the brilliant Warren Sapp, with one such take:

London Fletcher, come on, the grizzled veteran. He’s been a tackling machine since he beat e in 1999.  He still hasn’t slowed down.  We must get that man some votes, it’s just crazy right now.

While it’s certainly difficult to argue with Sapp’s incredibly smart and well thought out analysis there, I would contend that Fletcher hasn’t even had as good a season as the Skins’ other starting ILB, Perry Riley.  Fletch has officially gone from underrated (although he was underrated for about a decade) to overrated.

• In more useless award analysis, I find the debate between RG3 and Andrew Luck for Offensive Rookie of the Year flat out comical:

RG3 Luck


• Remember how bad Terence Newman was at the end of the season last year?  Opposing teams put the bulls eye on his back and went to work.  For example, last year the Giants played the Cowboys in 2 of the last 4 games.  They targeted Newman a total of 19 times, which is an inordinately high number.  Corey Webster is this year’s Terence Newman.  Last week in Baltimore, the Ravens targeted Webster a staggering 14 times.  He gave up 8 catches for 140 yards and a TD.  I have no idea what happened to Corey Webster. He was so good last year.  This year he’s the candy bar of the NFC East.

• I severely questioned the Cowboys’ decision to franchise tag Anthony Spencer before the season began.  An argument could be made that he has been among the 3 best defensive players in the NFC East this season.

• Tommy and I recorded a podcast last night. It got a little odd at times.  Andy Reid will probably be fired Monday morning, along with an assortment of assistant coaches, and then the remainder of the coaching staff’s fate will likely be held to their contracts and their fates decided by the new incoming regime.  Tommy and I wondered if the the best way to conduct the Eagles’ coaching firings would be to conduct a Bachelor-esque style situation in which the Eagles’ assistants have to line up and if they receive a rose, they survive that round and get to stay.  Unrelated to the Bachelor premise, we also envisioned the Eagles coaches playfully splashing each other in a fountain.  So it was that kind of show.

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  1. The Real Candy Bar is Aso good gosh he’s terrible!!!

  2. bula says:

    i think that the R.O.Y talk started with luck because a few weeks ago, Luck was leading his team on a playoff run and the redskins were kind of irrelevant. I’ll be interested to see where the argument swings now that RG3 is leading his own playoff run.

    Quick question. Is R.O.Y based on regular season only such as MVP or do playoffs play a part in the decision as well?

  3. Mick says:

    The Luck promoters are also being disingenuous by ignoring the fact that the read option/play action attack the Redskins have crafted relies on Bob to make the right decision on an awfully high percentage of their plays. I don’t see any reason that making the correct decision to hand off should devalue a guy’s contributions; he still did what it took to help his team win.

    As far as Russel Wilson: Impressive TD #s but more ints, less yards, lower comp%, lower YPA than Bob. Also fewer rushing yards and TDs. Also, the Seahawks won 7 games last year, the Skins won 5. The “Legion of Boom” (best nickname going right now) is in the discussion for best secondary in football. The Skins have a bottom 10 D, Seattle top 10. Bob beats the brakes off Wilson in this discussion, and that is granting that Wilson has been awesome.

    1. Mick says:

      All that said, if the Giants make the playoffs, the last team I want to see is Seattle.

  4. Juz Saying says:

    Russell Wilson = R.O.Y.

    1. A fine messi says:

      Any argument to back that up? Or are you just flingin’ some shizzle around and seeing what sticks? I can play that game also.

      Greg Schiano = Coach of the Year!

  5. David says:

    I have a ton of respect for you opinions, Jimmy, but what’s comical is not even mentioning Russell Wilson. He’s the RoY.

    1. Jimmy Kempski says:

      Definitely didn’t mean to leave him out. Just saying Luck’s season isn’t remotely close.

    2. horatius says:

      Yeah. With a terrible RB in Marshawn Lynch and the 32nd ranked defense and the worst home field advantage in the NFL and he still managed to win 10 games, none of which were gifted. Excellent choice.

      1. David says:

        Lol, the historical Horatius couldn’t have been as insecure as you, dude.

  6. DerfDiggy says:

    Picks or die, Jimmy. Stop all this nonsense…I need to know now whether I’m in for a bad ending of 2012 or a great start to 2013.

    Bill Simmons picked the Boys to win. That’s almost as damning as the JimmyJinx.

    Anthony Spencer is the best defensive player in the NFC east. Crazy right? Wade did something right…

    Who do you want as head coach? Will Andy coach next year? Foles is a fraud draft a qb this year or be doomed to 6-10/7-9 seasons where the fan base is split on foles. He reminds me of Drew Henson….

  7. Corry says:

    RGIII has had a better season statistically in every category besides yards (and when Luck has over 200 more passing attempts, that will happen), but I still think Luck is the Offensive Rookie of the Year. RGIII has a more complete team around him whereas Luck is pretty much carrying the Colts who don’t do anything well beyond what Luck is doing for them.

    The Colts are overrated when you look at their schedule, but the fact remains that Luck has carried that team to 10 wins this year.

    1. carvermb says:

      I find this “RGIII has a more complete team around him” to be a funny sort of argument. Sure, they only won two games with Curtis Painter, but they were a playoff team the year before that. I realize that they had Peyton Manning, but I find it hard to believe that they went from a perennial contender to completely devoid of talent in one season. On the other hand, the Redskins have been terrible for twenty years. They won four games last year. In one offseason, all of a sudden the Redskin’s are a “complete team” capable of carrying a rookie quarterback?

      1. carvermb says:

        Sorry, we won 5 games last year. Wouldn’t want to short anybody a game.

      2. Corry says:

        The defenses, at least in terms of scoring, are nearly identical and both have their deficiencies, so that’s a wash.

        The Colts on offense though don’t have a lot to offer beyond Luck. Their offensive line is patch work at best with castoffs from the Eagles, and they have no running game to speak of (ranked 22nd). There’s also the coaching staff that a) is a new staff and b) is dealing with Pagano’s absence.

        The ‘Skins have had the benefit of the same starting line as last year and have had the same starting 5 for 14 games I believe. Also, Alfred Morris has been a revelation in the running game as a rookie.

        The receiver corps is probably a was as well since neither is sporting a great set of receivers.

        RGIII has been a huge part of the team’s turn around, and don’t think that just because I like Luck more for rookie of the year that I don’t think RGIII hasn’t been a great player. He has been amazing this year and I think the race will be very tight, but I just like Luck a little more given the fact that this was supposed to be a rebuilding year for the Colts and he’s lead them to 10 wins.

        1. Corry says:

          As a side note, if RGIII, Luck, and Russell Wilson hadn’t been drafted, Alfred Morris would be my rookie of the year (if my opinion counted anyhow).

        2. horatius says:

          Let’s see who’s on that line shall we?

          1. LT Trent Williams – No. 5 pick. pro-bowler.
          2. LG Kory Lichtensteiger – gone from Denver because he couldn’t hack it as a backup guard. Shredded his knee the year before.
          3. C. Will Montgomery – waived by the Panthers and then the Jets.
          4. RG Chris Chester – Baltimore let him go because he wasn’t good enough at backup guard.
          5. RT Tyler Polumbus – let go from Denver because he couldn’t hack it as a backup tackle.

          TEs – Chris Cooley (way, way past his prime), Logan Paulsen (undrafted), Niles Paul (5th round converted WR).

          Still not seeing your point.

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