Merry Christmas, NFC East! What’d you get?

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and Festivus for the rest of us, NFC East fans.  What NFC East-related gifts did you get?

I got a little Eagles Christmas home ornament.


I always find ornament gifts funny.  Typically, people start decorating their house with ornaments around the end of November, and start putting them away after Christmas.  Giving someone an ornament gift is like saying, “Merry Christmas! Now put this in your attic for the next 11 months.”  In fact, being a Christmas ornament is almost like being a Giants draft pick in that regard.

I should note, however, just in case my mother reads this, that the ornament she got me is unlike all other ornaments.  I plan on sleeping with mine every night, so my commentary above does not apply in this case.  I love my ornament, Mom.  It’s the best ornament ever.

What’d the rest of you get?


  1. Fail says:

    Burn that steaming pile of feces right now! Hideous!!

  2. VRFC8 says:

    My fiancee helped support my video game habit by getting me a bluetooth headset. Her reasoning was, “I got tired of hearing little kids yell shit, now you can tell them to shut the hell up”.

  3. AJ says:

    I got a furby since no one else wants to hear me rant about the eagles all day

  4. Eagsfan says:

    I asked for no eagles gifts until they deserve our money

  5. Matt says:

    That ornament looks like a pile of sh#t!!

  6. 88 says:

    Dallas 88 club Jersey!

  7. dannymac056 says:

    The giants’ draft pick comparison is excellent. That may be my favorite analogy you’ve made on this site. Awesome.

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Jimmy Kempski says:

      Ha, thanks.

  8. RedskinsFan says:

    RG3 Jersey, of course.

  9. Joe D says:

    you know when youre getting old when you get furniture for your house……and love it.thats what I got

    1. VRFC8 says:

      Not old….just seasoned. Im still in my twenties and if I got furniture I would be pumped. Mine is crap.

  10. mjoedgaard says:

    Paid trip for 3 vallees in France for a week.

    1. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

      I got an arc welder and a kitten. I’m trying my best not to play with them both at the same time. I fuckin’ hate cats.

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