Initial random thoughts on Redskins-Eagles: Redskins version

Yep, didn’t see this coming. Bask in it, Skins fans:

NFCE Standings

• Shaky start for the Skins’ D. The Eagles drove 76 yards on 11 plays for a TD on their opening drive, and then got as deep as the Skins’ 20 yard line on their second drive before eventually Eagle’ing the ball away to the Skins’ D.  Good teams in the playoffs aren’t going to Eagle the ball away.  They also allowed drives of 60, 68, 61, and 75 to a team playing with 7 backups on offense.

• On Alfred Morris’ TD run (or stroll), there were good blocks all over the field:

  1. LT Trent Williams pulled around the edge and put S Colt Anderson n the ground.
  2. C Will Montgomery put LB DeMeco Ryans on the ground.
  3. RT Maurice Hurt allowed DE Phillip Hunt to run himself way out of the play upfield.
  4. WR Santana Moss hustled from way over on the left side to get a block out in front on the right side on S Kurt Coleman.
  5. RG Chris Chester shuttled DT Cedric Thornton down the line and put him on the ground.
  6. LG Kory Lichtensteiger sealed of DT Derek Landri.
  7. TE Logan Paulson sealed off DE Vinny Curry on the back side.

You can watch that play, pretty much pick any Redskin at random, and watch him execute a nice block.  Easiest 10 yard TD run Alfred Morris will ever have.

• The read option was completely ineffective early because RG3 was visibly gimpy. The Skins stuck with it for a while hoping the Eagles would chase the QB, but the Eagles didn’t respect it, and eventually the Skins were forced to scrap it.

• Philly also seemed to be ready for the Skins’ patented 10 yard slant play after the play action.  Be 100% certain that the Cowboys and whoever else the Skins face the rest of the way will be ready for that play as well.  Kyle Shanahan has done an excellent job devising what seems to be a sophisticated offense, but is really extremely basic.  It has worked all season long, but at some point, opposing defenses will catch up to any new look.  To be determined if Shanny and Co. can stay ahead of the curve.

• Forbath is still perfect on the season, but even more impressively, his FG attempts haven’t exactly been chip shots:


• Barry Cofield is an animal.  He had a tipped pass that led to an interception, and while that play was fine and good, the far more impressive play was when he read a screen pass to Jeremy Maclin, hustled to the edge, and flattened him for a short gain.  I talked to Barry Cofield after the game for like 10 minutes.  Much more on him later.

• The Skins cannot afford an injury to either of their CBs, especially Josh Wilson.  The backups, and more specifically DJ Johnson, are not good.  Wilson, by the way, made a very heady observation on the final play of the game on the intentional grounding call.  He recognized that the ball hadn’t traveled to the line of scrimmage and was all over it, lobbying the officials to throw the flag.

• The RG3 to Santana Moss was a thing of beauty.  Perfect ball placement, great toe-touch grab.  But you already know that.

• On the Eagles final drive, Richard Crawford made a nice play. LeSean McCoy caught a pass and was trying to get to the sideline to stop the clock.  Crawford guarded the sideline like it was the end zone and forced McCoy back to the inside.  That might sound simple, and it is, but good awareness by the rookie nevertheless.

• When the Eagles-Skins game had ended, the score of the Saints-Cowboys game was 31-17 Saints.  At the conclusion of Skins-Eagles, I went down to Andy Reid’s presser, then talked to a few Eagles in the locker room.  From there, I went down to the Skins’ locker room, and a bunch of Skins players were watching the end of the Cowboys-Saints game in a little side room  within the locker room.  To my surprise, the Cowboys had tied it up and the game was in OT.  Since I had interest in that game as well, I joined them.  Sadly, watching the Cowboys lose with a bunch of Skins players was one of the highlights of this football season for me.

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  1. Travisjh86 says:

    As a skins fan, I’m pretty jealous you got to watch the saints-cowboys game with some of the players. Curious to know how they were reacting

  2. David says:

    To think the Cowboys had Forbath on the training camp roster & had to decide between him & Bailey. Hard to go wrong there.

    1. horatius says:

      It’s a win-win.

  3. Joe D says:

    The Redskins have over acheieved this season, but I’m not convinced they even have a prayer of getting out of the 1st rd. They should be soundly beaten, they could barely get by the Eagles

    1. OlSkool72 says:

      Hi hater. Have fun watching the Skins in the playoffs while your team sits at home. Boo Hoo

    2. Its a week by week league buddy. The Skins were up 27-13 in the 4th qtr. Kudos to Philly for showing some fight/guts and making things very interesting. Still, a division opponent in December is always a tough out… especially on the road. Sleep on the Skins if you want, I promise you no opponent they face in the playoffs will.

  4. Mike K says:

    “They also allowed drives of 60, 68, 61, and 75 to a team playing with 7 backups on offense.”

    Keep in mind that the Redskins D is playing with five backups too (the replacements for Orakpo, Carriker, Merriweather, Tanard Jackson and Cedric Griffin)

    1. You’re reaching a little with Tenard Jackson and Cedric Griffin.

      1. jarem says:

        I don’t think he is reaching…You seriously do not view Tanard Jackson as an upgrade over Madieu Williams?

          1. horatius says:

            My lawn chair is an upgrade over Madieu Williams.

  5. adcHail says:

    It’s fine to criticize the D, which is limited. Also the 10yd slant, which people may figure out. But they’ve been doing it all year and have won six in a row, so they all deserve a lot of credit. Now go beat Dallas.

  6. Dre says:

    Nope. Pretty text book int ground call. No one was around and was trying to avoid the sack. Routine.

  7. Foles was being hit while throwing and generally they are lax on that illegal fwd pass rule if they are being contacted while throwing. Doesn’t change that he should have gotten rid of it 5 seconds sooner, still not necessarily great call.

    1. I agree, and that’s coming from someone that doesn’t think intentional ground is called enough. Intentional grounding didn’t even enter my mind initially. I though the Redskins were complaining that the Eagles scoreboard operator stopped the clock too early (he/she didn’t). But that was kind of a weak call.

      Update: I looked at it on film. Definitely got it right.

      1. If he was in the pocket it was a no brainer, but he wasn’t. It actually wasn’t an illegal forward pass and should have been called INT Grounding if anything BUT by the definition in the rule book;

        “Intentional Grounding should not be called if: the passer is out of the pocket, and his passing motion is significantly affected by physical contact from a defensive player that causes the ball to fall short of the LOS.”

        They called it an illegal forward pass, which does not apply in this case AT ALL, because by the letter of the rulebook they couldn’t call intentional grounding.

        Check it out.

        1. Note: I know he was obviously just getting rid of it, but they made an incorrect call because they felt they had to call something. That’s what I didn’t like.

          1. On the play, as he’s being hit, he really winds his throwing motion as if to let it rip, but he held onto the ball. If he had let it go on that pump, they probably wouldn’t have called it. On the re-load, his intent to just throw an incompletion was apparent. It also hurts that he started the throw on that second pump after he was already being drug down.

    2. WeGotLinemen says:

      They had kind of set a precedent, earlier in the game, when they ruled that RGIII had fumbled. Mike Pereira pointed out that they appeared not to have taken into account that the QB had been hit whilst in the motion of throwing.

      Griffin has been called for intentional ground in previous games in much the same circumstances; so, getting hit in the chops by a speeding d-linemen is apparently no excuse for a lack of velocity or accuracy these days.

      That is unless you’re Eli Manning. Then you can just chuck it at the floor, do that “gosh darn it, I missed” face and the officials are fine with it.

    3. Harry says:

      Disagree there — Foles was beyond being hit. He was already on his way down and attempted to get rid of it. Good call IMO.

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