Initial random thoughts on Eagles-Redskins: Eagles version

I have a decent amount of notes for each team, so we’ll separate them into two posts.  Losing team first:

• I was glad to see Bryce Brown mixed in early.  I wasn’t sure if the Eagles would go with the “1-2 punch” at RB as I had fully expected them to.  My only fear was that Marty Mornhinweg has shown that he likes to ride one back and one back only, if healthy.  Brown carried the ball twice in the Eagles’ first 5 plays of the game, so it was encouraging that we were likely going to get a glimpse of the future.

And then…

He had 2 carries the rest of the game.  Ugh.

• Fletcher Cox suffered a concussion today.  With only one game remaining, that will likely end his season.  Great rookie year for the big guy.

• I didn’t understand the play call with 11 seconds to go.  A quick slant to Evan Moore?  You’re calling a play specifically for the guy you signed off the street 3 days ago?  On the most crucial play of the game?  Really?  I asked Moore after the game if he was the first read, as it appeared.  He was.

• I talked to Redskins NT Barry Cofield after the game.  He thought the Eagles’ offensive line was a lot better this time around.  He said they showed much better continuity and organization.  Much more on Cofield when we get to the Skins.  Great guy/interview.

• Nick Foles had some really nice throws, and some really bad ones.

  • Good throw: Gorgeous ball to the back of the end zone to Evan Moore, which Moore caught in the air but was pushed out of bounds.  Perfect ball placement.
  • Bad throw: The throw to Maclin that could have tied it up.  Foles had a crystal clear pocket, and he simply missed Maclin.  By a lot.

There are more examples, but those two were the standouts.  Nick also had the slowest scramble of the year in which he hit an Eagles receiver for a first down.  It was like the Hydrox version of the McNabb scramble against the Cowboys years ago.

• Alfred Morris’ TD run was gross.  No Eagles came anywhere near Morris, mostly because they had been thrown to the ground.


• The Eagles were only -1 today in turnover differential.  The Chiefs were -3.  That puts the Eagles at -23 on the season, and the Chiefs at -25.  Wooooo!  My friend Keith looked up the worst turnover differentials of all time, and it appears the Chicago Rockets are safe:

Keith mcmillan

• Rams rookie CB Janoris Jenkins had an INT return for a TD today.  He now has 4 TDs on the season.  That;s more than DeSean Jackson, Brent Celek, and Jason Avant, combined.

• Jeremy Maclin tackled himself again.

• There was this weird play that happened in the 2nd half.  An Eagles defender caught a pass that was thrown by the Redskins’ QB, who was intending to throw it to one of his receivers.  Nobody in the press box knew what to do, so we all hid under our desks until we received word that the world was safe.  I’m still shaken up by the whole experience, and expect to have nightmares for the next week.

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  1. Brian says:

    Foles’ pass to Maclin at the end of the game clearly slipped out of his hand.

    Might have had something to do with the thumb.

    1. SteveH says:

      Was the injury on his throwing hand? I tuned in late so I missed that bit of info.

      1. yes, they said it was a right hand injury.

  2. bula says:

    Jimmy, any word on whether andy got the standing O?

    1. Iskar36 says:

      I don’t know about a standing O, but apparently there were a lot of signs showing support for Andy and appreciating his 14 years. Also, when he walked off the field at the end of the game, there is audio where you can clearly hear fans chanting Andy’s name.

    2. Apparently, some people were chanting his name at the end of the game, but I missed it.

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