NFC East rookie snap counts, and a pair of new podcasts

Below are the rookie snap counts around the NFC East.  The Eagles and Redskins lead the division in that category.  The Eagles have some legitimate contributors in there (Fletcher Cox, etc), although the majority of them got on the field out of necessity, while the lion’s share of the Redskins’ rookie snap counts have come from two guys that you  absolutely want on the field.  Here are the totals via Pro Football Focus (not including special teams):

NFCE rookie snap counts

And here are the individual rookie snap counts, by team (in ascending order):

Snaps - Giants

Snaps - Cowboys

Snaps - Redskins

Snaps - Eagles

Tommy and I recorded two shows last nights, totaling about 2.5 hours:

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  2. dannymac056 says:

    Is Will Hill a rookie? I know he was undrafted

    1. Jimmy Kempski says:

      No, he was in the NFL last year, although I don’t think he ever got in a game, and I’m not even sure if he was ever on an active roster.

      But the league credits him with 1 year of service.

      1. dannymac056 says:

        thanks, that explains why I couldn’t figure out what team’s roster. I like that kid.

      2. That can’t be correct, can it?. Will Hill went undrafted last year, was never signed by any team except for the Arizona Ratlers. His first contract was this year with the Giants and this profile page says he’s a rookie

        1. Or is there a difference between “first year and rookie” (That’s a serious question).

          In baseball you can take 129 at bats or pitch a 149 innings and be a rookie the next year.

          In the NFL even if you have an injury in training camp and never make a roster you can be considered not a rookie, right?

          1. “1st year” actually means 2nd year. I don’t know why they do that. It should just skip from “Rookie” to 2.

            Here’s Will Hill:


            And Jayron Hosley:


            1. Yeah it’s silly. I don’t understand the NFL rookie rules. I already laid out the MLB rookie rules, but in the NBA Blake Griffin had that season ending injury before the regular season, missed the entire year, and then won Rookie of the year next year.

              Will HIll never signed a contract last year, why would he “lose” the rookie eligibility? I doubt players will complain though getting a year of accrued service, but its’ just a funny system, especially in the case of Will HIll. I can understand it for other players who get hurt in training camp and then miss a whole year not being rookies.

              If RG3 Had gotten hurt in training camp and was placed on IR and came back next year and put up these kind of insane numbers he’d never get a chance to win Rookie of the year.

              Funky system, but probably has a lot to do with contracts?

  3. The Reddgie says:

    How does the rook’s snap counts for the Eagles compare historically? 3451 has to be close to a record, doesn’t it?

    1. Far more than normal, no question. I would guess that this is highest number in the Andy Reid era, although I have no way of confirming that.

  4. quagmire5 says:

    I wanted to ask about a dark horse canidate for the HC job… what about Mike Nolan?

    1. He’s been coaching for over 30 years with 13 different stops and he’s only 53 years old. I don’t know what to make of that. Only had one shot as a HC (in San Fran), and was not good. Compiled an 18-37 (.327) record there, but I don’t know enough about those Niners teams during his tenure to have a really strong opinion of him one way or another.

      Just a quick twitch, almost completely unresearched reaction, but I think there are better guys available.

  5. horatius says:

    So, Howie Roseman’s obsession with youth is what is holding this team back? It often seems like the Eagles train rookies and serve them up on a platter for the rest of the league. Year in and Year out.

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