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The Bears have lost 5 of their last 6 games after starting 7-1.  There’s an excellent chance they are going to miss the playoffs for the 5th time in 6 years.  Naturally, fans are not going to be happy about that, so they’ve taken to booing the Bears during home losses, and rightfully so.  Brian Urlacher doesn’t like it.  Here are a few select quotes from Urlacher over the last few weeks, found on here and here:

“Two of the people I don’t care about: fans or media. They can say what they want to about our head coach, about our players. … It does bother me. They don’t know what they’re talking about, obviously.”

“I know there are a lot of experts in the media, a bunch of smart guys out there who know exactly what they’re talking about all the time. They don’t know what they’re talking about.”

“Our crowd was pretty good today for the most part. They were loud for a minute there, the boos were really loud, which is always nice. The only team in our division that gets booed at home is us. It’s incredible to me. Believe it, don’t believe it, we don’t care. We’re going to go out there and play as hard as we can. The guys that are healthy will play and we’ll do the best we can.”

“I don’t give a crap about what fans or people say, they can kiss my butt. I don’t care.”

In 2008, Brian Urlacher signed a 5 year, $40+ million contract.  If there were no fans or media, I don’t think Brian Urlacher would be making $40 million in some other field, but that’s just a guess.

I remember driving to the Eagles-Falcons game the weekend before Hurricane Sandy ravaged the Northeast United States.  On my way down the NJ Turnpike, there was a convoy of about 40-50 trucks with cranes that were heading northbound to repair power lines that were inevitibly going to fail.  In the same way that some Southern states came to the aid of the Northeast by lending their resources, allow me to lend my support to the Chicago faithfull:

(Clearing throat)…


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  1. Imp says:

    “I’m still not sold on the Bears. Their defense is scoring points for them; eventually, that’s going to dry up. The Bears’ offense will then have to pick up the slack, which I can’t see them doing with one of the worst offensive line in the NFL. Plus Jay “Bitch and Moan at Everyone” Cutler is their QB. He’s solid at his best and JaMarcus Russell-esque at his worst.”

    Me, after week 5;

    Their defense stopped scoring and they started to lose. Am I totally bragging about that? Yes. Yes I am.

  2. DerfDiggy says:

    Jimmy hates the Cowboys more than he hates the other NFC East teams.

      1. ameero2 says:

        Ha great comeback.
        but go cowboys.

    1. Hope says:

      As a Redskins fan, I used to hate the Cowboys but this year I really dislike the Giants! John Mara STOLE money from us! During the UNCAP year, Redskins did everything within the rule and the league approved all transactions! Breaking the “Spirit of the Cap”? What?? He also try to take draft picks from us so we can’t get RG3. Its like saying I drove 45mph on a no speed limit zone and get a speeding ticket in the mail 2 years later for speeding.

      I will be so happy if Redskins and Cowboys make the playoff and Giants didn’t. If that happen, John Mara might talks to Goodell and try to punish us for breaking the “Spirit of the Giants”

      1. brisulph says:

        Wah? Wah. Got ya.

    2. horatius says:

      Nobody likes South America’s team.

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