Film breakdown: The Eagles’ not so special teams

When the 2012 Eagles’ season is over and done with, there will be no shortage of things to point to as to why the team lost double-digit games despite a seemingly talented roster.  You could point to the -22 turnover differential, the poor red zone offense, the undisciplined tackling, the never-ending cavalcade of opposing wide receivers running free through the Eagles’ secondary, etc etc etc.

But perhaps the most egregious overall play this season has come from the Eagles’ special teams units, which have been an unmitigated disaster.  Tommy Lawlor of listed 17 bullet points, highlighting various failures of the Eagles’ special teams this year.  Frankly, he could have listed well over 20, but had mercy by combining several gaffes into one bullet point.  One such example:

Multiple games where a blocker was not on the field for a punt, PK, or FG.  This was a variety of players, offense and defense.  Again…there is a pattern of undisciplined play.  First job for a coach is to get the right people on the field and get them lined up correctly.

There were three occasions I can think of when that occurred.  Against Carolina, Fletcher Cox was late getting out onto the field for a FG attempt, but it seemed like that was more on Cox than the Eagles’ coaching staff.  However, I’ll highlight the other two occasions here.  The most recent was last Thursday night, when the Eagles suffered the embarrassment of having on of their own player block a Mat McBriar punt.

Before that play began, the Eagles realized, “Oh wait, we only have 10 guys on the field.”


So the Eagles send poor Clay Harbor out onto the field:

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