Tony Siragusa pictorial!

He’s a little more relaxed than he was in Week 2, but the Goose always brings the hand gestures nevertheless.  As always, I’m not sure exactly what he said, but I’m sure it was smart.

Goose 1


Goose 2


Goose 3

Goose 5

Goose 6

Goose 7

Goose 8

Goose 9

Goose 10

Goose 11

Goose 12

Goose 13

Goose 14

Goose 15

Goose 16




  1. greg bredice says:

    Jimmy….love Helment to Helment…..Happy Holidays to you and Tommy

  2. brisulph says:

    Only thing sadly funnier than Tony yesterday was the Giants.

  3. Benj says:

    Should have a caption contest for the best two or three. Winner gets a guest spot on the Helmet2Helmet show.

    1. If we could figure out how to have guests, that might be an option, ha.

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