Initial random notes on Giants-Falcons

• That was pretty much the absolute worst case scenario of a day for the Giants.  They got annihilated by the Falcons, while the Redskins, Cowboys, Seahawks, and Vikings all won.  If you go to the “playoff machine” on ESPN it will tell you that if the season ended today, the Giants would be out of the playoffs.  The Redskins would be the NFC East Champs, with the Seahawks and Vikings grabbing the final two wild card spots.  However, if the Giants win their final two games, neither of which are against the Vikings, they are guaranteed at least a wild card.  All 3 remaining relevant NFC East teams “control their own destiny.”

• I’m going to forever think of yesterday’s Giants’ game as the “Kregg Lumpkin game.”  And that’s not because Lumpkin lost the game for them or anything like that.  I think it’s because the ball kept coming his way in crucial situations.

  • 3rd and 2 at the Atlanta 33… Handoff to Kregg Lumpkin for 1.
  • 3rd and 1 from the Atlanta 11… Handoff to Kregg Lumpkin for nothing.
  • 4th and 2 from the Atlanta 25… Pass incomplete, intended for Kregg Lumpkin.

When you have arguably the best offense in the NFC, the defense knows that you’re likely to give the ball to one of your good players, not a guy that has been on the team for 3 weeks.  They’ll never expect “The Lumpkin.”  And therefore, you HAVE TO go to Kregg Lumpkin in crucial situations.  You just have to.  For the Giants not to convert any of those plays to Lumpkin, it had to have been, what? 1 in a million?  1 in a billion?  I certainly can’t blame the play calling there.

• Jason Pierre-Paul tried to tackle Michael Turner near the goal line yesterday, and just bounced right off of him. He missed a tackle on the following series.  It has not been a great follow-up year for a guy that I thought was the best defensive player in the division last season.  Forget comparisons to DeMarcus Ware this season.  JPP doesn’t even match up favorably, statistically anyway, to Brandon Graham.

• By my count, Asante Samuel has picked off the Manning brothers 8 times in his career.  He got Eli for the 5th time yesterday.

• On Asante’s INT, David Wilson got absolutely destroyed by a blitzing linebacker.  There was also another play where the Falcons were blitzing, and Eli wanted to get the ball out quickly.  Wilson didn’t adapt to the blitz and was far too late to get his head around to locate the incoming pass from Eli.  Those are the kinds of things that make Tom Coughlin not trust him.  I’ll have more on Wilson at some point this week.

• What happened to Lawrence Tynes?  He has become a reliable kicker and was even having a very good year, but he has missed FG attempts in each of the last three games.  Easy ones, too.  He missed a 43 yarder against the Skins a few weeks ago, a 36 yarder last week against the Saints, and then a 30 yard chip shot, in a dome, against the Falcons.

• More importantly, what has happened to Eli Manning?  I have no idea what he was looking at on the pick he threw to Thomas DeCoed.  It has not been a good follow up season to his Super Bowl run:

Eli QB rating

• Victor Cruz took a vicious shot from a Falcons safety on a deep ball over the middle, but before he did so, he alligator armed it.

• The Giants are maybe the NFL’s best example of a “Jeckyl and Hyde” team.  How do you look as good as the Giants looked against the Packers, and then look this bad against the Falcons? I’ll never figure you out, Giants.

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  1. Eli is who we thought he was. A lucky QB who is not elite. He’s coming back to earth.

    1. Brian says:

      Could be.

      Eli’s 2011 = Mike Vick’s 2010

  2. Joe D says:

    Its so crazy how the Giants live and die by two things: the play of Eli and the pass rush. If neither are performing well its never pretty

  3. Jimmer says:

    The crazy part is that you just know next week they will come out and put up 500 yards on offense and get 8 sacks on defense and win 34-10 in Baltimore.

  4. horatius says:

    Always love the midgets getting pantsed.

  5. mjoedgaard says:

    Its insane how little impact JPP is having in the passing game. I thought his sack numbers would dive alittle bit but not this much and I dont buy that whole best player thing. Star players like Von Miller, Ware, Watt etc. gets sacks even when teams bring extra attention to them.

    1. slandog says:

      Agreed!! I think Watt gets 3 or 4 guys on him almost every game and he still just dominates, the guy is a beast!! JPP I’m not sure if there’s an injury there or just no “want” anymore, but he’s a completely different player this year to last.

    2. ct17 says:

      Those star players are always at the same position. JPP at DT on passing downs had become a permanent thing, and he gets the double team a lot easier.

      1. slandog says:

        Good point, but he still used to take over games. He doesn’t do that as much this season. He was at DT at times last year as well. When at DE he used to blow up running plays, not happening nearly as much this season.

  6. immynimmy says:

    Every time I saw Lumkin get a carry I get picturing Lurleen Lumpkin:

  7. Arthuro says:

    Thank you for the “arguably the best offense in the NFC” thing, I needed that laugh.

    1. Ha, yeah, might need to re-think that one a bit after yesterday.

      1. horatius says:

        I think they are done. They need 4 O-Linemen next year.

        1. It’s weird. I’ve been picking on their OL for 2 years, and deservedly so. But they’ve played reasonably well for most of the season. Yesterday they were not good, particularly in the run game, and they’ve have their bad moments otherwise.

          Still, they won with an atrocious line last year, mainly because Eli does a good job getting the ball out quickly, and because their receivers were always making huge plays. Lately the huge plays by Nicks and Cruz aren’t there, and they’re losing.

          1. ct17 says:

            I’d put that more on Eli not getting the ball out quickly, although yesterday he was awful in every aspect of the game.

            I’m fine with the Lumpkin use, and even the OL. But when the best play call your OC can come up with on 4th and 1 is off tackle left, there is a problem. On the other hand, the Redskins and Cowboys yesterday constantly ran creative plays to maximize their talent.

          2. horatius says:

            Eli has been throwing short and long all year this year. More so than he usually does. The defense looks bad too. Especially play at DT has really deteriorated.

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