Opposing defenses are preying on the Eagles’ careless ball security, and then laughing about it

After Thursday night’s debacle against the Bengals at Lincoln Financial Field, the Eagles now have 35 fumbles on the season.  They have lost 21 of them.  That leads the NFL.  The next closest team in terms of fumbles lost is the Chiefs, with 16.

A team with fumbling issues to an opposing defense is like a wounded, bloody tuna to a shark.  If they think they can force a ball loose, they will focus on doing just that.

On the Eagles’ very first drive of the game, Jeremy Maclin took a screen pass from Nick Foles.  Maclin (circled in blue) is the tuna. Carlos Dunlap (circled in yellow) is the shark:

Dunlap 1

Dunlap acknowledged after the game that he thought he could have tackled Maclin initially, but he saw Maclin “running loose with the ball” and waited until he was in a better position to slap it out of his hands.  Here’s Dunlap sizing up Maclin:

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  1. TylerD says:

    Jimmy I feel for you, the Eagles were playing good late into the 3rd Qtr, than just gave the ball to the Bengals over and over, sloppy ball security. Eagles are brutal to watch.

  2. ATLEagle says:

    Not to excuse Maclin for being so careless, but he may have expected Kelly to at least attempt a block instead of spectating.

  3. Steve D. says:

    I like your tuna and shark analogy, but I keep picturing Ernie Sims trying to force Bill Parcels to fumble.

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