Initial random notes from Bengals-Eagles

• The 4th quarter crowd last night:

• Here were the Eagles’ “drives” at the end of the 3rd quarter heading into the 4th last night:

Drive 1

Drive 2

And then the fine folks over at ESPN either got confused, or already knew the Eagles were about to turn it over again, because they listed this drive under the Bengals:

Drive 3

And finally, this:

Drive 4

That’s 63 seconds of possessing the football (if that’s what you’d even call it), 4 turnovers.  Actually, I’m not even mad. That’s amazing.


• The Eagles are now tied for dead last in the NFL in turnover differential, at -22.  And Marvin McNutt’s punt butt block doesn’t even count as a turnover.  Speaking of McNutt, evidently you don’t want to have a “McN***” last name when you face the Bengals.  A few years ago, Donovan McNabb had no idea games could end in a tie in Cincinnati.  And this year, McNutt summed up the Eagles’ entire season on a play in which he blocked his own team’s punt.

• Backup center Matt Tennant saw his first game action of the season last night.  On his first snap, the Eagles had him report as an eligible receiver, and they threw it to him.  He dropped it in the end zone.  Eagles doing Eagley things.

• I’m not sure if the Eagles are insisting on calling run plays to the outside for Bryce Brown, or if he’s trying to bounce everything that way.  Whatever the case, it isn’t working.

• Nick Foles is getting slammed by a number of people.  I don’t understand that.  He didn’t have a great game by any means.  The interception he threw was terribly underthrown, and the long pass play to Maclin could have been a TD if the ball were more on target (again, it was underthrown). His deep balls do not look good through his first few games in the NFL.  He has a number of strengths, but that appears to be a glaring weakness.  Still, we’re talking about an offense that:

  • A) …fumbles… a lot.


  • B) …is missing, what, like 18, 19… 20 players? I lost count.

• Brandon Graham appears to have put some of the “bust” talk to bed.  He’s playing excellent football.  2.5 sacks last night, and at least one play where he forced a holding call.  I spoke with Bengals RT Andre Smith after the game, and he was impressed with Graham.  Fletcher Cox is also a beast.  Graham, Cox, and that guy that now plays in Jacksonville are all tied for the team lead with 5.5 sacks.  God, that was a depressing sentence to type.  Still, the defensive line was a bright spot last night, amid a cavalcade of comedic awfulness.

• In the press box last night, the Eagles shifted near the goal line pre snap, and there were the two tailbacks in the backfield.  I said, “Here comes the shovel pass.” And sure enough…

• Hey Rob Ryan… They called a hold on Andre Smith last night.  Happy?

• Bo Jackson had 2 fumbles his rookie season. Bryce Brown is credited with 4, but he actually has 6.  Vick and Foles were each credited with fumbles that were Brown’s fault.

• On the blocked punt, Andy Reid said in his post game presser that LB Ryan Rau was not on the field because he was celebrating about getting a stop with the defense.  Think about that for a minute… The Eagles were punting.  So, they um, had the ball prior to the punt, right?  So was Rau celebrating the Bengals’ defensive stop, or was he just celebrating the Eagles previous defensive stop for like… a really long time?

• The Bengals’ locker room was giddy after the game.  That visitor locker room is the happiest place in the Linc lately.  I wrote about the Bengals players finding the Eagles ball security issues amusing over at the Allentown Morning Call.  A Bengals staffer was mimicking Brown on that play, pretending he was about to be hit, closing his eyes tightly & exclaiming “Noooo!”  From the press box, I don’t have the benefit of seeing the TV feed, but evidently this is what he was mimicking:

Bryce eyes

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  1. WIll says:

    I actually thought Nick Foles did pretty well, and was the best player on offense (maybe Avant). I have a hard time labeling his game as “poor” just because there was nothing he could do to win. We were going to lose that game.

    At this point I would rather lock Foles in as the starter next year, and not draft a QB. I think we have way bigger problems than Foles at QB.

  2. Joe D says:

    Foles makes a few tweaks heree and there and gets some exp he’s going to be a good player…. his starting line is a joke and so are his WRs

  3. horatius says:


    Did you know that the supreme being in the sky is a Dog, with a wicket sense of humor? Not a bearded old man?

  4. From the Dream Team to the Philadelphia McNutt”s?

  5. Iskar36 says:

    The fact that Foles is missing so many players on offense is very valid, but I do understand the criticism of Foles. After a game where he took significant strides, we all got overly excited that he has earned the starting role for next year. I think with the way he played last night, I think it became clear that “who will be the starting QB next season” will be a debate for much of the offseason. I’m not saying Foles lost the job by any means, but he went from “clearly” having it on Sunday to “the next coach will have a tough decision when it comes to Foles and the QB spot next year.” I think that is a very concerning step backwards considering the options that will be available this offseason.

    1. Charlie says:

      I mean, I get that. But he’s a rookie doing rookie things. Of course he’ll have steps back.. And also steps forward. You can’t possibly expect a rookie to be especially consistent at the QB position, and you can’t expect him to be all pro every week- especially when he performed that way against the leagues 32nd tanked pass D. You take the good with the bad, and evaluate what he did over the course of the season with his opportunities when the dust is settled.

    2. slandog says:

      “We all got overly excited…..” well that is on you then not on Foles. Anyone with any knowledge of football knows you can’t go on one or two games. If your excited about Foles after last week that is great. But he had a down game verses the Bengals, a team with a decent defense overall.

      Whether Foles is the future or not I’m not sure. But if you got to thinking that after last weeks game he was the cut and dry starter for next season your just fooling yourself. He took a few steps in the right direction, but the jury was still out.

      Also, what options will be available for the Eagles in the offseason regarding the QB position? The draft is average at best with QB, free agents are minimal. So what are you talking about?

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