Very brief Eagles-Bengals gameday notes, and a new podcast

Tommy and I recorded an Eagles-Bengals preview show.  We also talked about Jay Gruden and Mike Zimmer as potential head coaching candidates.  For some reason the show stopped recording early, so it’s a two-parter:

Busy day for me today.  Apologies for the short post.  I’m heading down to the game soon, and should have more tonight or tomorrow.  We’ll also start in on the Giants, Cowboys, and Redskins previews tomorrow and Saturday.

For the sake of picking all the games, I think you can pretty much count on me picking against the Eagles the rest of the way.  Let’s go with Bengals 27-20.  I’ve actually written quite a bit about the Bengals this year:

  • Here’s a breakdown of their offensive line, and more specifically, RT Andre Smith and RG Kevin Zeitler.  Big test for Brandon Graham against the run blocking right side of the Bengals’ OL tonight.
  • Here’s a Geno Atkins breakdown, and some more Bengals OL.  Atkins will be the best interior defensive lineman the Eagles face this year.  The Bengals lead the NFL in sacks, with 42.
  • On 97.5 FM the Fanatic on Tuesday, I heard good ol’ Hyperbole Baldinger call A.J. Green the fastest wide receiver in the game.  A.J. Green is awesome, but he’s far from the fastest wide receiver in the game.  Not even close.  He ran a 4.5 40 at the 2011 Combine.  11 WRs in 2011 alone had better times.  14 wide receivers had better times in 2012.  Green has great speed… for his size (6’4, 210-ish).  He also has excellent hands, he’s strong, athletic, makes tough catches in traffic, and runs great routes for a player so young.  Clearly their best offensive player.  But a couple dozen receivers around the league would smoke him in a footrace.

If you have any Bengals questions for me, fire away in the comment section.  I’ve actually seen a ton of them this season… like almost every game.  It’s almost kind of odd how much I’ve seen of this team, and I’m annoyed I don’t have more time to write about them today, as this otherwise useless knowledge will go to waste.


  1. horatius says:

    Wow. That was bad. As in Zornian level bad. As in Swinging-gate on Monday night bad. Can’t believe Andy gets such a shitty farewell season from his players.

  2. Gary says:

    Do you expect to see more of Nnamdi or DRC on A.J. Green? Or more of a mixture?

    1. A mix. Their other receiver, Hawkins… Very quick. That’s not a good matchup for Nnamdi. I think the prevailing thought is that DRC will be matched up 1-on-1 all day with Green, but that’s not how I’d play it. I think Nnamdi can actually be half-decent against Green.

  3. Ian says:

    How do you think Bryce Brown will do against the Bengals’ defense? Like, better than Alfred Morris against the Browns? In a PPR league….god I’m desperate. Anyway, love the site, been following your stuff for a quite a while going back to bleedinggreennation. One of the silent stalkers, if you will.

    1. Ha, thanks Ian. Tough call. What really bothered me about Brown last week was that Dion Lewis was in the game on those final two drives. I don’t think they trust his pass protection, and I’d be afraid that he’ll lose some snaps. Remember, Dion Lewis has run well these last few games too, albeit with fewer opportunities. I’d go Morris.

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