NFC Hierarchy/Obituary with Week 14 in the books

Obituaries this week:

Before the Eagles-Bucs game on Sunday, the Buccaneers celebrated their 10 year Super Bowl anniversary.  To get to the Super Bowl, they of course beat the Eagles in the 2002 NFC Championship Game.  The Bucs hated the Eagles back then.  The Eagles had eliminated the Bucs in each of the 2 previous seasons before the Bucs’ title run.  I highly doubt the decision to celebrate that 10 year anniversary the day they played the Eagles was a coincidence.

Ah, the sweet, sweet realization that your season is over:

Ronde sad

See ya, Bucs.

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  1. Interesting take from National Football Post and former NFL DB Matt Bowen on the Redskins offense on twitter @MattBowen41

    Tweet 1:
    Fair to say #Redskins play action is more about poor eye discipline from DBs than scheme? Open (weak) side Tackle reads like an open book.

    Tweet 2:
    Watching tape, DBs are looking right in the backfield vs. RG3 in Pistol & Gun alignments. Have to read Hi-Hat (Pass) vs. Low Hat (Run).

    Tweet 3:

    I think RG3, #Redskins have defenses playing scared because of the Read Option. DBs are too quick to take the bait.

  2. Mandmeisterx says:

    Bert Emmanuel

  3. DerfDiggy says:

    If you lose to the Eagles…your season is over.


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