Initial random notes from Cowboys-Bengals

• Romo’s pass to Dez Bryant for the TD was a thing of beauty.  A lot of zip, and right on the money.  Perfect strike:

• The Bengals evidently saw something they liked on tape when evaluating the Dallas D, because they tried a couple of end arounds that went for big gains.  Marvin Jones took a reverse to the left for 37, and Andrew Hawkins took a shovel pass that was basically the same thing as an end around for a TD on the first drive.  They never went back to it.

• Brian Moorman is awful.  The Cowboys need to replace him this week.

• I started to wonder about Brandon Carr earlier this week.  He had an outstanding pick.  He sort of snuck under the receiver, was able to somehow keep his balance, and catch a ball with some zip while not completely having his feet under him.  Once he had control of the ball, he then made the most of it with an impressive return.  Well done.  That was the first big play I can think of that he has made this year due to good coverage.  The Cowboys need more of that from him.

• DeMarco Murray has some ups:

• Mike Jenkins looks uncomfortable in the slot.  Andrew Hawkins made him look silly on one play early in the second quarter in which he made a catch, and didn’t really even try to make a move on Jenkins in the open field. Jenkins may have been expecting a juke, but Hawkins just blew right by him and Jenkins whiffed badly on a diving tackling attempt.  Then later in the red zone, Hawkins ran a quick out on 3rd and 3.  Jenkins was nowhere close in coverage, but the Cowboys were bailed out by a Hawkins drop.

• The Bengals tried 18 runs with their running backs, and when they did run, they were effective.  They passed 33 times.  With how banged up Dallas is up the middle, that made no sense to me whatsoever.

• I’ll reiterate what I’ve been saying about Rob Ryan for years… He’s not a head coaching candidate, and I’ll never understand why people think think he is.  His resume is terrible.  How can you scream at another player because you think he’s holding?  It’s utterly ridiculous. Here he is jawing with Bengals OT Andre Smith:

Ryan was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct, and the Bengals went from what would have been 2nd and 16 from the 18 to 1st and Goal from the 9.  Think I saw a “F*** you” in there.  Those are the kinds of things that lose games.  Ryan is lucky AJ Green dropped a sure TD pass to end that drive.

• The Cowboys run game is up to its old tricks: 24 rushes, 49 yards.

• The personal foul call on Reggie Nelson was chicken shit.  Dallas didn’t capitalize on the gift, but it’s still worth mentioning.

• Doug Free now has 15 penalties on the season, and at least one in 9 of the Cowboys’ 13 games.

• Interesting stat from the FOX crew during the game:

• I really like the nickle rush personnel here: From left to right: Butler, Spencer, Hatcher, Ware.  Spencer on the inside seems like a good idea:

He gets a nice inside move on Kevin Zeitler:

And gets home for a sack on a very key 3rd down:

Spencer is having a bigtime season.

• Great job by DeMarco Murray staying off the ground and reaching the ball out for a huge 3rd down conversion on the final drive.

• I’ve been on Jason Garrett for his clock management.  No such issues last Sunday.  Well run final drive, strategically speaking.

• It wasn’t pretty, but a big emotional win for the Cowboys:

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  1. mjoedgaard says:

    Jimmy, how did the Cowboys interior OL hold up against the Bengals DL? Because the thought of Geno Atkins against anybody but Evan Mathis scares the hell out of me.

    1. Atkins made some noise. Without looking I want to say he had 2 sacks. He definitely had at least one. One of the Cowboys interior guys held him, and he still chased down Romo, who had rolled all the way to the sideline. Athletic phenom.

      1. mjoedgaard says:

        So Atkins against Reynolds+Scott=sacked Foles.

        1. That math looks correct.

  2. RIP Jerry Brown,God Bless Dez Bryant.

    1. NYG_slater says:

      indeed big emotional win for the cowboys RIP Brown. Tragic.

  3. Proxy406 says:

    Think you’re discounting the value of Demarco Murray, by just looking at the YPC.

    The finial Drive to win the game is why Cowboys fans are so ecstatic about Demarco Murray.

    “The drive lasted 12 plays, and Murray either carried or was the target of a pass on nine of the plays. He gained 32 of the 50 yards.”

    That’s what good running backs do. Shoulder the load. We’ve also seen what he can do with some passable blocking.

    Just in regards to “The Cowboys run game is up to its old tricks: 24 rushes, 49 yards.”

    1. I didn’t say anything bad about DeMarco Murray. In fact, I praised him twice.

      1. Proxy406 says:

        I think maybe you misunderstand.

        I was responding simply to the “The Cowboys run game is up to its old tricks: 24 rushes, 49 yards.”

        I only ment that there is more to the run game then that stat line. His finial drive is more important than the 2.1 YPC

        1. RogerPodacter says:

          isn’t stating the stats like that a way of evaluating the game as a whole? by not just one RB, but anybody who ran the ball?

          sure, Murray may have kicked ass on the final drive of the game, but looking at 24 rushes for 49 yards tells me that the cowboys were having some difficulty running the ball most of the game….on average. it doesnt tell you anything about any particular play or even a drive.

    2. NYG_slater says:

      yea i didnt read Jimmyk’s comments as a slight to murray. We know murray is good. But the Bengals D line had a clear advantage over the dallas offensive line. We also knew that, and that was a big reason for the poor rushing numbers.

  4. David_Does_Dallas says:

    In the picture with Murray reaching for the TD, you see their LB sitting back out of the play. That was because FB Vickers made a fantastic block, diving over the pile and knocking the LB back a step or two. By the time he could regain himself Murray had already scored.

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