Film breakdown: Giants S Will Hill likes to hit people

With Giants S Kenny Phillips out, Stevie Brown has filled in as a starter and has racked up 7 interceptions so far this season playing alongside Antrel Rolle.  Brown had two picks yesterday against the Saints.  With Brown in the starting lineup, the player the Giants turned to on Sunday when they wanted to run their 3-safety sets on defense was Will Hill.  I came away thoroughly impressed with Hill’s hard-nosed style of play.

In the first quarter, Marques Colston caught a pass down the seam, when he realized, “Oh crap, I’m about to get crunched.”

Presumably, Colston saw Hill coming, because he started to try to go down on his own.  Unfortunately for him, the hit was coming regardless:

Hill drove right through Colston, and despite bracing for impact, Colston still fumbled:

Huge hit.  On a side note, look at the play Corey Webster made while the ball was rolling around on the ground.  It’s hard to show you in still shots, but he basically swatted the ball away from the pile where there were no Saints players:

Webster has no intention of recovering this ball himself.  Instead he makes it easy for Antrel Rolle:

And Rolle jumps on the ball:

OK, back to Hill.  Throughout the game, Jimmy Graham saw a steady diet of Jacquian Williams when the Giants were in man defense, but there were occasions where the Giants trusted Will Hill with that responsibility.  I noticed two occasions where Hill was matched up one-on-one with Graham, and Brees threw to Graham both times.  Here’s Hill out on an island with Graham on 3rd and 4:

The Saints completed a slant to Graham for a first down.  But later here was Hill matched up again on Graham in the slot.  Hill gets a nice jam on Graham:

He’s able to stay right with Graham through his route, and Brees throws a pass that is slightly off target:

Hill makes sure Graham isn’t able to double catch it:

Well done.

Here’s Hill in run support.  What Hill does here is very subtle, but I loved this play.  Lance Moore is coming to block Hill sort of half-heartedly.  Hill has none of it.  Instead of waiting for Moore to come block him, he hits Moore:

And then gets a shot in on the running back:

That’s tough safety play and awesome football.

Here’s Hill on kick coverage.  You can’t really see him behind number 69 here, but that’s Hill selling out and making a diving tackle:

Here he is again with a diving tackle on a kick return:

Here’s Jayron Hosley making a tackle but Hill getting in a shot as the returner is going down:

And while he doesn’t make the tackle here, he does a nice job cutting off the inside on this kick return, and forcing the returner back to the sidelines where there are numerous Giants:

And then there was this on a Jerrel Jernigan kick return.

Hill sees a potential tackler closing in on his teammate, so he changes direction and looks to clean up on poor #44, Elbert Mack.  I’ll just post the pictures in succession without commenting on each one:

The Giants picked Will Hill off the scrap heap this past offseason, but he’s proving to be a nice, versatile role player that loves to hit.

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  1. Mrs. Nisenson says:

    Will Hill is great player and person. I will always cheer him on!!!!

  2. NYG_slater says:

    “will hill 43” is possibly the greatest sports picture I have ever seen.

    1. NYG_slater says:

      not sure if you mentioned this early in the year, but Hill coming out of high school was the 3rd highest rated prospect per ESPN, and highest rated defensive prospect.

      Like Bryce Brown, he was a high school stud that had a few issues in college(****). But the athleticism and talent is there.


      1. Ha, nevermind, you commented on that post.

        1. NYG_slater says:

          yup, i wasn’t sure if it was mentioned here or a giants specific blog.

          Its always interesting to see what high rated high school prospects pan out or flop making the transition. Often the flops can be steals for NFL (if you can get them cheaply), sometimes they have some hope for resurrection based on that “draft the weed guy” theory.

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  4. I think with the emergence of Brown/Hill the Giants will likely let Phillips go because of their cap concerns.

    1. brisulph says:

      Unless he comes super cheap somehow.

    2. NYG_slater says:

      I could see it. KP could be looking for a fat contract (it could be his last). But it’s so risky for the giants to hitch their wagon to KP. Besides his right knee injury this year, he has an arthritic left knee. Looks like the micro fracture surgery worked, but for how long? Arthritis doesn’t get better over time.

      I may be more excited over Will Hill than Stevie Brown. Jimmy called him a versatile ‘role’ player. I just see a really promising, and young football player, who was a steal as an UDFA. Look at his pre-draft scouting reports. All of them thought (physically) he could be a quality starting safety. He possesses the size-speed athleticism to cover TE’s or play center field in cover 2 and he loves to hit in run support. His red flags were maturity, consistency and a love affair with weed and college coeds. Hopefully, he gets the adderall paperwork straightened out (… and keeps it together mentally. He could wind up being one of the best acquisitions of the 2011 class.

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