Random game day notes from around the NFC East

• To the right, this just looks so wrong (note the team circled).  Here is where the Ravens have finished in total yards allowed over the last decade:

  • 2011: 3rd
  • 2010: 10th
  • 2009: 3rd
  • 2008: 2nd
  • 2007: 6th
  • 2006: 1st
  • 2005: 5th
  • 2004: 6th
  • 2003: 3rd

This year: 25th?  Wow.  But here’s the crazy part.  They have not even had to face good offenses for the majority of the season.  A look at a handful of their opponents:

  • Browns twice: The Browns are 27th in total offense.
  • Chargers: Wait, they have a good offense, right?  Nope, not without Vincent Jackson, Darren Sproles, and Marcus McNeill.  26th in total offense.
  • Chiefs: 21st in total offense.
  • Steelers twice: 20th in total offense, and they got to play them with Charlie Batch… both times.

As noted yesterday, that is a very banged up defense in Baltimore.

I not only think the Redskins will win today, but I think they’ll do so emphatically.  The Ravens will not be able to stop the Redskins’ rushing attack, and their offense isn’t good enough to keep up.  9+ margin of victory.


• Before the season began, I’d be a liar if I were to claim I knew a lot about Brandon Carr.  It’s not like I had seen a lot of Chiefs games.  In the preseason, I thought Carr looked great.  But in the games that count, he has not impressed me at all.  Two weeks ago, the Redskins beat him on a back shoulder throw for a TD, although in fairness, it was a perfectly placed ball by RG3.  Last week in Philly the Eagles beat Carr on a fade in the end zone.  Earlier in the season he had an ugly play against the Bears in which Brandon Marshall got so wide open against him for a TD that Jon Gruden thought it was a busted coverage.  It wasn’t.  Carr was just playing so far off Marshall that Marshall was able to run a little slant that was completely uncontested.  It didn’t help that Carr was rubbed off by the Bears’ TE on the play, but even if he hadn’t been, it still would have been a big gain anyway.  Those are just 3 examples that come to mind.

Opposing teams are not afraid of Carr.  He has been targeted 62 times, according to PFF, while rookie Morris Claiborne has been targeted 49 times.  Despite the high number of targets coming his way, Carr has just one INT. That  INT was on a play in which he was beaten on a quick slant, but the ball was thrown way behind the receiver and Carr collected the gift.

The Cowboys desperately needed help in their secondary this past offseason.  They expended their first two draft picks on Morris Claiborne and paid Carr $50.1 million for 5 years.  While the duo is unquestionably better than Terence Newman and Mike Jenkins, the Cowboys have not yet gotten good returns on those investments so far.

• Tommy Lawlor and I recorded a show last night.  We previewed the Eagles-Bucs game, but around the 40 minute mark, we started talking about the safety class in this year’s draft.  I think that part of the podcast is relevant to fans of all 4 NFC East teams, who can all use some help on the back end.

• After the tragedy in Kansas City, the Chiefs came out, played inspired football, and won a football game.  I wonder if the tragic events of yesterday will affect the Cowboys’ play today.

• Who are you, Giants?  Whenever I think I have this team figured out, they completely prove me wrong.  When I think they’re good, they suck.  When I think they’re bad, they win the Super Bowl.  Today I think the Giants will run it down the Saints’ throats, play “good enough” defense, and take control of this game.  So good luck with alllll that, Giants fans.

• Very busy day for me today.  Three NFCE games on at 1:00 (I’ll have the triple TV setup going), and then Giants at 4:30.  Lots of coffee in my future.


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  2. ameero2 says:

    Not to be a stickler for details, but the ravens faced byron leftwich in their first matchup with the steelers.

    1. Jimmy Kempski says:

      Yeah, but he got hurt after like 1 quarter.

      1. ameero2 says:

        Oh really, my bad then. I guess I only saw the first and last drive of the game, so I assumed that he played the whole thing.

  3. Joe D says:

    The best thing about Brandon Carr? Is the pompous Cowboys fans who kept saying “Jerruh and his new 50 million dollar carr!!!!!” Too bad Cowpukes.!!! Another year of disappointment

  4. Dave R says:

    Jimmy, a note about the Ravens’ D, since you brought up yards per point for offenses a few weeks ago (also known as “Scoreability” in CHFF parlance). The Ravens may have given up a lot of yardage, but they’ve also only given up 242 points for a “Bendability” of 18.47 yards per point allowed – good for 5th in the NFL.

    Here, check it out: http://www.coldhardfootballfacts.com/stats/2012/14/BEND/

    If you check out all the other D stats, the Ravens’ D is still good (top 3rd in the NFL for most of those stats), but they are obviously off the pace of years previous. The problem in Baltimore is, and continues to be, Joe Flacco.

    1. Interesting, thanks.

    2. Joe D says:

      They are only giving up 20 pts a game which is pretty good. THough like Jimmy noted, against not good offenses. I remeber a lot of Jim Johnson led defenses gave up yards, but tightened up in and near the red zone

      1. Dave R says:

        For reference, from the glory years…

        2000 Eagles – 19.67
        2000 Ravens – 24.04

        2001 Eagles – 22.60 (their best year, pretty sure it was 2nd to…)
        2001 Bears – 24.52

        So yeah, the Eagles’ defenses back then were pretty solid. Things have also certainly changed in the post-Manning era. Top Bendability right now is 19.62 (49ers).

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