Initial random thoughts on Eagles-Buccaneers

• Before the Eagles-Bucs game today, the Buccaneers celebrated their 10 year Super Bowl anniversary.  To get to the Super Bowl, they of course beat the Eagles in the NFC Championship Game.  The Bucs hated the Eagles.  The Eagles had eliminated the Bucs in each of the 3 previous seasons before the Bucs’ title run.  I highly doubt the decision to celebrate that 10 year anniversary the day they played the Eagles was a coincidence.  And so, for that, whether it was a coincidence or not, suck it Tampa.

• Nick Foles was great.  32 of 51, 381 yards, 2 TDs, 0 INT, 98.6 QB rating.  On his final two drives, he went 11 for 17 for 135 yards, 2 TD, 0 INT, 128.3 QB rating, two conversions on 4th down, and a W.  More on him later in the week.

• Bryce Brown was the other guy to watch this week, since the Bucs have the #1 ranked rush D in the NFL.  12 rushes, 6 yards.  Oof.  In fairness, Andy and Marty kept calling outside stretch runs that didn’t make any sense, so that didn’t help, but obviously Bryce looked less like Bo Jackson this week.

• Draft position wasn’t helped with the win, obviously, but it wasn’t hurt either.  All the teams that were immediately behind Philly (Panthers, Chargers, Browns) also won today.


• The offensive line was awful early on, but they tightened up as the 2nd half wore on.

• I really liked what I saw of Curtis Marsh.  Need to see more.  Get him in, get Nnamdi out.  I know what Nnamdi is.  Let’s see more of the young guy.

• This really turned into an exciting game, but it took a while.  In the first quarter, the Bucs and Eagles combined for 7 punts.

• Was this the catch of the year?

• Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie looked like he gave a crap today… until he just decided to dive out of the way as Vincent Jackson went in for a score.  Meow.

• Jeremy Maclin actually showed some toughness today as well.  He had a great block on Nick Foles’ blazing TD run, and actually broke a tackle or two.

• Never let Any Reid wear that shirt again.  Some things can’t be unseen.

• On Alex Henery’s first missed FG, the 56 or 57 yarder (or whatever it was) had all kinds of extra distance.  Crushed it.  Didn’t know he had that kind of leg strength.  Never saw that at Lehigh.

• Tweet of the game:

• Dick Stockton mess-ups (I’m sure there were more, but these are the ones that I caught, or were brought to my attention):

  • Ahmad Black is apparently now “Ahmad Block.”
  • Nick Foles weighs 243 yards.
  • “Bucs defense with a 3 man rush.” They sent at least 6 guys.
  • “And Martin loses the ball!!!!!!!!!!” Then he realized he was just seeing things, and said, “Perhaps…”


  • “LaDoug Martin!”

Also Stockton related:

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  1. SteveH says:

    Also, yaaay for draft position.

  2. SteveH says:

    Dick Stockton is the best, he should commentate every game.

  3. My favorite Dick Stockton mess up was when he saw the Asian kid dancing with the cheerleaders to a song that was obviously not “Gangnam Style” and he said “Gangnam Style is taking the world by storm!”. No Dick Stockton, that is not Gangnam Style, that’s an Asian kid.

    1. And that’s what I get for leaving the page open for a long time. By the time I get around to commenting it’s already been edited in. Nothin’ to see here folks.

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