Cowboys NT Josh Brent being held by Irving police for intoxicated manslaughter, reportedly killed a teammate

Lynn Kowano of FOX 4 Dallas Fort-Worth is reporting that the deceased is one of Brent’s teammates.

Update: Via Matthew Watkins of The Dallas Morning News:

Jerry Brown, 25, is the person who died. Brown is listed as a linebacker on the team’s practice squad.


  1. DerfDiggy says:

    What a sad sad turn of events. Wish the family of Jerry Brown the best in their grieving:(

    Brent has to spend the rest of his life replaying that night for the rest of his life, losing the opportunity of a lifetime, and a dream job. Wow.

    Don’t drink and drive.

    1. DerfDiggy says:

      lmao redundancy is redundant…

      1. Jimmy Kempski says:

        I do that in articles… a lot.

  2. SteveH says:

    RIP Jerry Brown.

  3. If only he’d learned his lesson after the first DUI. Idiot.

  4. Arthuro says:

    Drinking and driving is wrong on so many levels. When you just got a $50k bonus ? Jeez.

    Sad for the kid. Damn what a week.

    1. yehti says:


      i hope brent has the max jail sentence.

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