Initial random thoughts on Giants-Redskins

• I went to ShopRite this morning.  I’m making my famous Italian roast beef sandwiches tonight for the family.  Slow cooker: Au Jus, Italian seasoning, some melted mozzarella, and pepperoncini.  I can say without any doubt whatsoever that it’s the best sandwich in the history of the Universe.  OK, maybe the muffaletta from Central Grocery in New Orleans is in that conversation.  Those are good too.  We’ll call it a toss up.  OK, so that doesn’t really have much to do with anything other than that when I was getting my roast beef at ShopRite, the two deli guys were talking about the game last night.  The one guy (Giants fan) was of the opinion that the Redskins didn’t win it, and that instead the Giants “lost it” because they committed too many penalties.  Nonsense.

The Redskins took it to the Giants last night.  There were some penalties here and there that were mental errors, but the biggest penalty of the game was the result of a Redskin defender making a play.  It’s not like Will Beatty just held Rob Jackson because he had a brain fart or something.  Jackson got a great get-off at  the snap, had great speed around the edge, and Beatty had to hold him.  That’s not a “We lost because we messed up” penalty.  It’s a “We lost because they were better than us last night” penalty.  In fact, that play, or rather the end of that game in general was extraordinarily similar to the Giants-Steelers game earlier in the season.

In the Giants-Steelers game, David Diehl was beaten around the edge on 3rd and 10 by LaMarr Woodley, who got a strip sack.

Woodley gets a great jump at the snap:

…and does a straight speed rush.  Nothing fancy here:

Woodley gets the edge and hits Eli as he tries to throw:

And gets the strip sack:

The Giants are able to recover the fumble, but they punted, couldn’t stop the Steelers run game in a “bleed the clock” scenario, and never saw the ball again.

Last night, very similar.

Again on 3rd an 10, Rob Jackson got a great jump at the snap, had Will Beatty beaten badly around the edge, and Beatty all but had Jackson in a headlock.

“Holding… Number 65 of the offense. 10 yard penalty. Still 3rd down.”  That negated an 11 completion to Martellus Bennett that would have kept the drive alive.  Instead, it became 3rd and 20, the Giants ran a screen that went nowhere, punted, and couldn’t stop the Redskins’ run game for almost 4 minutes in a “bleed the clock” situation.

Not exactly that Giants end of game magic we’ve come to expect.  I love that Beatty didn’t think he held Jackson, by the way:

• There are three great “yards after the catch” receivers in the NFC East: Dez Bryant, Pierre Garcon, and Victor Cruz.

• I thought Eli Manning had a good game.  But in the NFL, it’s all about getting 7 instead of 3.  Too many letdowns around him, in my opinion.  The deep pass he threw to Victor Cruz was gorgeous.

• Alfred Morris had 22 carries for 124.  He now has 1106 rushing yards on the season, and is the Redskins’ new record holder for rushing yards as a rookie.  For an organization known for its dominant offensive lines of years past, that’s impressive.  RG3, by the way, now has 714 rushing yards on the season.  That isnow an NFL record for most rushing yards by a rookie QB, and puts him on pace for 952.  The single-season rushing record by a QB is 1,039 by Michael Vick in 2006 with the Falcons.

• RG3 being praised by Jon Gruden for fumbling was a low point for football commentary.  Mike Tirico made up for… slightly… when he said that Linval Joseph was treating Will Montgomery like a “wishbone at Thanksgiving” when Joseph pulled Montgomery out of a fumble pile by his ankle.

• Linval Joseph is not the run stuffing DT we thought he might be.  Disappointing season for him, frankly.

• It appeared as though the Skins were giving Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz all kinds of extra attention, and basically saying, “You want to beat us with Martellus Bennett?  Be my guest.”

• When the Redskins get going offensively, they’re like that friend you play against in Madden that runs the same 5 plays over and over and over again, and you just can’t stop him.  That’s how broken controllers happen.

• No idea what the Giants were thinking when they had an opportunity to accept a “running into the punter” penalty and turned it down before the Redskins’ game sealing, clock-eating drive.  The Giants needed some kind of game-changing event to occur and had one of the all-time great fumblers in modern football back waiting to return the punt.  And it’s not even like they had some kind of great result on the previous punt.  It was Redskins ball around their own 27.  It was a net of 36.  Bad Coughlin!  You’re WAAAAAAY better than that.

• The Giants are now 2-3 in the NFCE.  The Skins are 3-1.  Cowboys are 3-2.  What does that mean?  Well, it means that with one more NFCE win, the Skins clinch at least a share of the best division record in the NFCE… and they still have the Eagles on their schedule.  Ladies and gentlemen, we have a division race again.

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  1. brisulph says:

    Beatty put his guy in a MMA chokehold, so not sure how he thought that WASN’T a hold.

  2. Tom says:

    Dez, Garcon and Cruz might be the best YAC guys in the NFCE, but Maclin is hands down the best “yards without a catch” guy in the NFL!

  3. SteveH says:

    Hah, I knew you were going to mention the Brandon Banks thing Jimmy. I was actually thinking the same thing when it happened.

    When Gruden made the comment about the great play RG3 made on the fumble I muted the TV for the rest of the night. At this point I see little value in leaving the volume on for just about any broadcast team sans a few of the B teams which I think are actually better than most of the A teams.

    There are few things I love more than cooking and eating, so please do share the secrets of making your italian roast beef sandwiches!

    1. SteveH says:

      Thinking about it, fair is fair, so I’ll trade you my buffalo chicken recipe (which is fucking mouth-orgasm inducing) for your famous italian roast beef sandwich recipe.

  4. Mandmeisterx says:

    I said it on Twitter last night, and I’ll say it again: Miles Austin deserves in the YAC discussion. If Garcon gets the ‘if healthy’ caveat, then so does Austin.

    1. Joe D says:

      I agree. Miles is very good at YAC

  5. dandynatorr says:

    Jimmy when’s the new H2Hshow coming out?

  6. dannymac56 says:

    I get your thinking on the punt Jimmy, but I believe it was the right move. You have to do everything you can to preserve the clock at that point. You’re talking about taking another 10-20 seconds off the clock to re-kick and it doesn’t matter where the Skins get the ball- you need a defensive stop and they are going to be in 4min O. As in wherever they get the ball, you need to give up no more than a set # of first downs and get the O the ball back, backing them up to the 15 (a 12 yd net gain on re-kick) does nothing for you.

    Aside from the 13% chance of a fumble (if Banks is still at the rate from September), the only other positive outcome of a re-kick is if you down it inside the 5 and make them call straight handoffs instead of reads. But that’s probably less likely than the fumble, which was already pretty unlikely. Weighing those two possibilities against the definite loss of time, I think it was an obvious call for Coughlin. I’m sure there’s some coaches that would disagree with me though.

    And as always, good read. I thought Cruz ran great routes all night but continues to be wildly inconsistent catching the football and still a bit tentative since the Steelers hit.

    1. I could almost see the pain in Coughlin’s face when he was deciding what to do there. Your point about saving as much time as possible is valid. That is probably what he was thinking. Coughlin is a very good in-game strategist. I wonder if he knew how much Banks fumbles. I fall into the trap sometimes of just assuming everyone else knows all of the random stuff I’ve stumbled upon in my various research efforts.

      1. ct17 says:

        The real error was the play before the punt, the screen which took 30 seconds off the clock to get 3 yards.

        Also, I would look less at Linval, who had 5 tackles and 2 assists last night, and look instead at Canty, who had 2 assisted tackles for his $7 million salary cap hit this year.

        1. NYG_slater says:

          Ya, I’m not so sure its linval who is struggling. He made some interior tackles, it’s not his fault if guys get the corner. I’d blame our lber’s and DE’s, they were pretty poor last night against the run. Furthermore, Keith rivers is an absolute athletic tragedy–looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane. Never seen such a big, imposing LB so afraid of contact.

          Jimmy maybe you can enlighten me. Why don’t teams play a 5-2 against the redskins (or maybe a 46 4-3 look)? I know the 5-2 has fallen out of favor a bit, but quite frankly, the redskins don’t feature a traditional vertical passing game, its all precedent on play action. A 5-2 defense simplifies the gap responsibilities of DE’s and in the giants case, takes a (bad) LB off the field in favor for a (less bad) DT (a trade we would gladly make). Sure its more vulnerable against the pass, but even if they just showed a 5-2 look on 1st and 2nd down, I know they would of had better success against the run last night. Maybe RG3 would of picked em apart in the air, but maybe the additional lineman would cause more pressure–who knows. But getting it ran down your throat, without any response is an effective way, as a DC, to get fired.

          1. ct17 says:

            Interesting idea. Something new. Too bad the Giants don’t do new or interesting. Or have ideas.

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